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Never Walk Alone : Chapter 3

Welcome for Chapter 3 of Never Walk Alone. Silakan membaca chapter 1 dan juga chapter 2  terlebih dahulu, karena cerita di chapter 3 ini adalah kelanjutan dari cerita di chapter 1 dan chapter 2 :). Sama seperti chapter 1 & 2 , keseluruhan cerita ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Jika menemukan kesalahan gramatikal ataupun struktural, silakan email saya di sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com.

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~ Balkhas, 3011 A.D, 3 years later~

Balkhas, Humavalea's capital city.

The only place where human dare to hope for living and the fortress that built to defend us from the attacks of Varua kingdom. Or the vampires. Dirty and disgusting creatures, oh yes, they are. An abomination.

Balkhas, also known as Vampire Hunters City, the city where vampire hunters gathers and training. That's because there are so many vampire-hunting organization based in Balkhas. And since Balkhas is the main fortress, so many vampire attack had aimed there.

Here I am, Alexandre Evinrude -call me Alex- wandering among the candidates for Vampire Hunters. I am the youngest, barely fifteen years old. And also the most pretty guy. I realize, though I'm a guy, my face like a girl. Lots of men like tease me, and some even ask for any date. Give me a break. Did they think I am.... gay? I am normal. And still love girls. But I just don't have time to dating any. Much less flirting.

Can't blame them, though. With my blond hair that fall pass my shoulder, people often mistakenly thought I am a female. Add it with my unusual color eyes. Purple stones like amethyst, that make me look like a vampire, even though my skin is not so pale as they are. It's hard to hate the color of my own, which I inherited from my mother. My deceased mother.

Three years have passed since the nightmare in Peansville. Three years since I saw my father murdered in front of me, and my mother committed suicide. For something that until now I never understand. I can only remember it vaguely, to be honest. Time after I left Peansville is the worst for me. Twelve-year-olds traveling alone and carry big suitcase, go to Balkhas within 5000 kilometress away is an act of madness. Even for adult, though. Because Balkhas is the most dangerous cities in the world.

Border fortifications between Humavalea and Varua, Balkhas constantly on the alert. Vampire attack that increase continually make the founders of Humavalea Vampire Hunters Organization set up their base here. And as I mentioned earlier, that's where the nickname Vampire Hunters City come .

Difficult journey, yeah. But I finally make it here. I don't really remember the details of my trip. All I remember is the nightmare that so many times try to haunt me. Head separated from my father's body, rolling, and look at me with blank stares. Father's sword Claymore, pierced through my mother's heart. Someone shout something I don't remember. Gregory. And then the hidden face of that mysterious creatures.

Blood. Always a lot of blood all around me.

As if mocking me, invited me to taste them.
Sweet, oh somehow it smells so sweet. So much like a cotton candy, rather than make me gag, I want to taste it. A forbidden taste.

I shake my head. Each time the nightmare comes, I'm always screaming hysterically. At one point, the inn where I stay was interrupted by screams, and kicked me out of the inn. I had spent the night in the streets.

I'll bet people are curious how I can survive until I come to Balkhas. At the hospital, my father's attorney came, and tell my parents's will. They left a legacy of very, very much money. I was surprised to see the numbers, because so far we just live...with less money.

I think they already know sooner or later they will die.

The attorney also said one of my father's will is to inherit our house to me. I shake my head and tell him to sell the house. He said it would be difficult to sell it, after an unpleasant incident, but I insist. He surrender and promised me to find potential buyers.  A week before I left the hospital, he came and told the house was sold. Although there are rumors, that the house is haunted. I grunted, but trying to ignore it. He ask me if I want to meet with the buyer, and I said I don't care. Just transfer the money. I then tell him to open two bank accounts for me. One in Balkhas, and one in Mardalsfossen. Because I'm planning to go there later. He was amazed to see me, see a crazy little boy planning a trip. Once again I don't care. I'm just a kid, but I'm not stupid. After all the affairs settled, then I leave and headed to Balkhas.

I arrived at Balkhas two weeks after leaving Peansville. Too long, usually it took just 3-4 days with train. But it is difficult for twelve years old boy to travel safe and comfortable, especially if he was alone. I must save my money too. So, I always change my transpotation method. Closer to Balkhas, things were getting tense. The defense really tight, Balkhas do not want to missed any chance of vampire attacks.

One or two vampires are common. The problem, vampires are very cunning and coward. They always attack in groups. One group usually have a minimum of 4-5 people. And at least 8 Vampire Hunters need to kill them. 2 Vampire hunters against a vampire. Only an experienced vampire hunter who could fight one on one with them. And "experienced" it takes about 8-10 years, while the number of vampire hunter had fallen sharply.

Vampire also has uncommonly attack that do only by individuals who are called "vampire rebels". Chances are they are deserters or fugitives from the Varua kingdom. No wonder. I hear lives in Varua like hell without end. And they tried to sow terror in the hell they keep - the canal of Humavalea attack.

Arriving in Balkhas, I rushed to the main base of Vampire Hunter. Not an easy thing, again, given my condition. Ragged, unkempt, alone. At first, they turned me down, they thought I was a vampire at first. Thanks for the color of my eyes, anyway. But they begin to doubt when I say, "I am Laurent Evinrude's son."

"Laurent has no son." Said one of them.

"You are liar!"

"I never remember Laurent had a son, or a family. What we know is he resigned and went from Balkhas, thirteen years ago. "

"Thirteen years ago?" I asked him.

"Yes, after he was assigned with an important mission to Varua. Laurent is one of our valuable assets. He is one of the experienced vampire hunter. Who could attack a vampire one on one. We really miss him, when he resigned. Just as he would be appointed to be High Oracle. Well, that's the past, "said the man who greeted me with a wave of his hand, as if he did not care anymore, " Now we go to the important matter. I know Laurent didn't have children. And you could not be his child, though I admit you like him when he was young. Your eyes is ... very strange. "

I winced, but not give up.

"Well, my father resigned, because he met with my mother. He didn't want to endanger her, so he left. Then they go to Peansville, and a year later I was born. " It just a story I made up. I'm not mention that Father met Mother at Varua.

They laughed. I said nothing, and then removing a piece of paper. Paper that shows I'm my father's child.

"Look at this if you not believe me," I said, handing him the paper.

They received the paper, then read it. And look at me with a frown. One of them then said, "sorry son, if I doubted you. You're really Laurent's son. We never think he will married. Well, first he was renowned as a lady killer..., " that man laughed hoarsely," there is no wife or children in his mind. What he had is just how to killing vampire everyday, as much as possible. "

"Tell me son," one of them, his head is bald and his ears are filled with silver studs. "What happen to Laurent? Why are you here rather than live with your father? Peansville is the safest city in Humavalea. "

I swallow hard. I begin to speak, but the shadow of the head that separated from my father's body keep haunting my mind.

His head rolling, splattering blood. Blood, always blood.

"My ... father, he died at the hands of a vampire."

They hold their breath. The bald guy who asked me looked at me sharply.

"Then why did you survive, boy? I think they killed your mother? Did they rape her? "

I choked. No, I never think about that possibilty. I thank Gregory to not rape my mother, although he admitted that mother was once his fiance. But still, what happen to my mother make me barely hold back the tears that started to burn my eyes.

"N .. no. She... suicide. "

They hold their breath again. The bald man asked again, "Committed suicide? She leave you alone? "

"I.. yes. "

"Poor boy. And you're safe from them? "

"Not really, one of them piercing my chest."

"What happen?"

"I'm not sure. I ... can't remember. One second, one of them stabbed me. Then I heard shouts, they screams in pain. And I realized that from the vampire who stabbed me. "

I lied. Well, bad habits die hard. Only a few, of course, but I didn't say about the mysterious creature that says "Claire's blood" and save me. The vampires are after me because they target the creature. I can't guess what would happen if they know the existence of strange creatures.

"And after that?"

"My neighbor found me and they took me to the hospital. I recovered and go here. "I said simply.

The bald man remained silent, and look at me. As if to seek the truth that I hide from this meetings. I stare back. Trying to figure out what he will do after this.

Then the bald man sigh, "In the document, it said your name is Alexandre."

"Yeah, my full name is Alexandre. You can call me Alex. "

"Alex, my name is Vincent. Two people behind me are Theodore and Stefan. We are Laurent's best friends and comrades. He is our role model, and this time we really mourn the loss of one of our companions . "

I keep staring at the bald man that named Vincent. I saw sadness in his pure and unspeakable regret. He close his eyes, his face like a man in pain, showing a deep sadness for the loss of someone precious for him. I look behind him, toward Theodore and Stefan. Stefan not show any expression of grief, but Theodore was crying. Seemed to upset to hear about my father's death, like Vincent too.

Vincent then walked up to me and knelt down. He hold my shoulders, and said "Alex, I don't know what you've experienced in your journey to Balkhas. Balkhas is a hard city, and not easy to come here, especially for small children like you. "

"Well," I shrugged my shoulders "I have a guardian angel, and my luck is so great."

Vincent smile a little, though I could see his eyes are glazed, like a glass, "a smooth talker like Laurent. You're really like your father. Unless ... "

"I know. My eyes. "

"Did your mother ..."

I shook my head. "No, my mother's is human." Or that's what I know, before I knew she was from Varua, and was engaged to a vampire. That psycho vampire Gregory. But I've never seen she sucking blood. Or maybe I never know.

I shuddered. What is mother hide from myself? Mother can't be a vampire, because she can be free to go in the daylight. Her skin color is a healthy pink, not pale. Silver and gold also doesn't weaken her. Except for the unusual color of her eyes. Since there are no ordinary people who have eye colors like amethyst. But, on that terrible night, I realized, she can be more than that I think over the years.


Vincent words hit me. "I.. yes? "

"Why are you here?"

"I told you, my father want me to come here."

"And he should know that Balkhas unsafe. What does he want from you? "

"I.. I ..., " I don't know, or I don't remember what my father exactly said at that time," he just told me to stay alive. "

Vincent look at me, he looks like he think about something .Theodore still sobbing, while Stefan finally said, "you want to be a vampire hunter, Alex?"

I looked up and look to Stefan, "Vampire hunter, Sir?"

"He is still twelve years old, Stefan. You know the rules. For becoming a vampire hunter, the minimum age is 15 years." Vincent interrupt him.

"He can stay for awhile here. I think Laurent also want it, Vincent. Balkhas is not safe, but he's safe here rather than roaming the streets. "

Vincent look at me again, and squeeze my shoulder, "are you sure, Alex?"

I nodded. "Yes, that's what my father want."

"Well, you're going to stay here for a while. While waiting until fifteen years old, you can spend your time taking care of this base. "

"I'll do anything."

Vincent smile. He stand up and grab my hand. Stefan step forward and took my suitcase. We walk to the door of the castle, and Theodore welcome me, wiping his nose with a handkerchief.

"I'm sorry, son. I was shocked to hear about Laurent's death. He was a friend of mine when we were young. Me, Vincent, that quiet Stefan and Laurent was once brothers in arms. "

"Partners in crime, if you can call. And we also compete when it come to wooing and seduce women, "said Stefan with a small smile.

"Well, well. That son of a bitch,Laurent, oh sorry for my rude words, boy! He  always lucky. Woman flying around him like bees drawn to honey. Honey that is forbidden, of course. I think your mother, Marie, was very beautiful? " ask Theodore.

"Yes, sir Theodore. No one is more beautiful than her. "

"Ah call me Theo. Or Oracle Theo. The three of us, and Laurent was once the Oracle. "

"Okay, Theo, umm, Oracle Theo."

Theodore smile, and shake my hand. He then walk over to my right, while Vincent remain with his left hand on my shoulder. Stefan walk behind us, carrying my suitcase.

"I hope you feel like at home, when staying here, Alex. From now, Balkhas is yours." said Vincent.

We walk down the aisle fort. Vincent then go to the room that he prepare for me. Meanwhile, the last words from Vincent keep ringing in my mind.


There is no home for me. Wherever it is.

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Never Walk Alone : Chapter 2

Welcome for Chapter 2 of Never Walk Alone. Silakan membaca chapter 1 terlebih dahulu, karena cerita di chapter 2 ini adalah kelanjutan dari cerita di chapter 1 :). Sama seperti chapter 1, keseluruhan cerita ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Jika menemukan kesalahan gramatikal ataupun struktural, silakan email saya di sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com.

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I'm too shock to see the situation in front of me. My body can't move when I see Warren cut my father's head. Can't move when his head separated from his body. Blood pooled around my father and Warren. Then its flow toward me. A disgusting metallic smell, makes me want to vomit. But on the other side makes me shudder with desire to feel it.

What is it? Why I have an urge to taste blood? My father's blood?

I turn around and look at my mother. She stop crying, her gaze fixed on my father. She was quiet again, as if Father's death don't mean anything for her. Then she look at me, and like my father, she said, "Stay alive Alexandre. Stay alive for the sake of our lives."

Mother let go of myself and walk into Gregory's direction. Then she face Warren which body still covered in blood. My father's blood.

Mother walk through my father's body that lying on the floor, not stop to see him, her eyes fix on Gregory. And when she stand in front of Gregory, I am surprise to see her smile.

"Gregory, you've got what you want. Laurent's death is all that you want, instead of Alexandre's. Your pride were wounded and shattered because I chose Laurent, not you. "

"Marie, my love, you see so low on me. I always want you. You hurt me, yes it's true. But it will not happen if you and Laurent give your son willingly. "

"Willing or not, you will still kill my husband, Gregory. I know it, you forget that I can read your mind, right? "

Gregory jerked, wince, then look at her sharply. His uninterrupted composure began to waver.

"You will never own me, Gregory. Thirteen years ago, when I chose Laurent, I already knew this day would come. You can take the precious things of my life from me. But you will never get what you want the most. Myself, and also Alex. "

Mother then turn and walk toward my father's body that now lay lifeless. With her fragile hand, tremblely, she raise my father's head that lying on the floor. Mother stroked father's hair, closes his eyes, embrace him on her breast and said, "Wait for me, dragostea mea. Soon we will meet and will never be parted. "

Mother take my father's Claymore that still lying on the floor, near my father's dead body. And once again she walk to Gregory. Only this time she turned and face Warren.

"Warren, my friend, sorry I always make you worried, from when I live in Varuala until now."

"Marie ... I'm, I'm not going to apologize to what I have done. We both know that, when Laurent kidnap you from Varuala, this is the first thing I would do. "

"Kidnap? You wrong, Warren. Laurent never kidnap me. I go with him willingly." My mother just smile at Warren. Her face was calm, and serene. And now she point the Claymore toward Gregory.

"Well, well, what is it Marie? You want to kill me? "asked Gregory. He sound amused.

"Marie ..." Warren step to stop her.

Mother was not affected at all, she walked to Gregory, while still drew Claymore with her.

"You really want do this, Marie? Kill me? I know you will not be able to kill me. With your delicate hand. And those sword is so big for you to wield it "said Gregori.

Mother just shook her head, and then I see a strange aura surrounding my mother's body. Then, she suddenly scream with her hoarse voice, said something that I did not understand.

"Radu, my blood guardian! I give away my life for thee, by the old treaty!  With my blood, flesh and soul, I command thee to be Alexandre's guardian! Until his death! Until his descendant's death! Until your oath fulfilled! "

Then she do things I never think. Mother drive the Claymore to the her stomach!

"Marie!" Warren shout. While Gregory swore, "stupid, brainless woman! You kill yourself just to protect this child! "

Mother continue to hold the Claymore tightly. Blood was spill again. This time her body shaking. Her mouth spit blood, but she never budge. Her eyes look at Gregory with a deep hatred.

"Radu, wake up! I command thee to protect Alexandre! "

Mother pull the sword from her stomach. Warren try to catch her stumbling body, but Gregory told him to keep in his place with a piercing gaze. Mother then fall, dragging her body toward my father, and see me.

"Forgive...me... Alex ..."

I just stop to see my dying mother. Which means that two people in my life has gone. Two people who become the foundation of my life that will never go back. Two people, one die protecting me, one die for calling something that I do not understand.

I cry, but no tears come out, no sound speak. I become silent, stunned to see what was once my parents's body, this time like a broken doll. Unused.

"So sickening! She can choose me, she will still living with her son after that. But she choose to go to hell with that cockroach!! " Gregory's voice broke after the death of my mother.

"Master Gregory, what should we do with Marie's son?" ask Warren.

"Well, Warren, of course we're still stick with our first plan."

"But ..."

"You want to violate my orders, Warren?"

"No, sire!"

"Then kill him. His face is so like Laurent, make me disgust to see it! "

Warren walk toward me, pulling out his claws - a sharp claws from his fingers and said, "Sorry, son. As much as possible, I don't want to kill you. You are the son of a woman who once engaged to Master Gregory, my blood master. Even though I pledge my loyalty to him, I love her too. But I have to carry out the orders. "

If Gregory surprised to hear Warren statement, he never show it. Gregory remained standing like a statue. His violet eyes look at me like a hawk, so cold and calculated while watching its prey.

I trembled, and look around. Nothing I can use to defend myself. I can use the Claymore, but its too far, and I hesitate to pick it up. I then put the stance, and clench my hand forward, acting like a boxer.

"Hah, look at that! What a wonderful courage. Courage that is so foolish, young man. "Gregory sneer, laughing. Laughter that I find its disgusting.

Warren step forward to attack me, and I'm ready. He scratch my cheek, and blood come out. The putrid smell of blood makes me nauseous. So much blood spilled tonight.

Warren attack me again, but again he only scratch me. I see he's so reluctant to kill me. I stay in my place, hold up my fist, though I know it is useless, while Warren scratch my body. Again.


It's hurt!

Then, I smell a metallic tang of the blood.

It makes me sick, but once again I can't resist my desire to taste the blood.

Gregory apparently angry at the sight of Warren that so reluctant to attack me. His patience runs out, and he shout, "If you do not kill him now, you know the consequences, Warren. Anja will not be happy if she see her brother failed in the task. And I also know you will not be happy with what I do to Anja! "

Who's Anja?

I glance to my attacker. Warren just clench his jaw, then finally he cast an attack at me. And right on target! His hands now lock in my chest and I can feel his hands gripping my heart, ready to squeeze it at any time.

Blood emerge from my mouth, my awareness begin to disappear. I see Warren's body  slowly disappeared from my sight. Ah, soon I will follow my father and mother.

Heaven? Hell? I don't know. I'm ashamed. I just can not live like they want me to do.

But just at that moment, I feel there is something weird happen. Half unconscious, I hear Warren screaming in pain. And he let go of my beating heart. The pain was so unbearable, but that made me wonder. Why am I still alive, even though Warren hands was piercing my chest?

I try to concentrate. What things that makes Warren shouted? Is the sun on the morning has come? But it is not possible, it's still night. What things that makes Warren screams in pain like that?

"Help me, sire!"

Warren continue to scream, and I hear a no humanlike sound shredding Warren's body. I can't see clearly, but after some seconds I could see the glimpse of the shadow that move so quickly, and attack Warren for many times. It surprise me later, because even though the room was so dark, I could see  what happen to Warren.

Warren shouts grow louder, and now he sound like a human instead. But of course he's a vampire, not human. But hear the vampire who killed my father scream for help on Gregory make me shudder.

"What are you? Why are you doing this? "Gregory cried.

Warren screams again for the last time. Then all became silent.

"Are you Marie's guardian?"

The mysterious creature is silent. I can't see its figure. Only a towering black siluet and it look menacing. It hands, or I thought it was hand, flashing in red. Warren's blood.

I try to see what happened to Warren. And although in a weakened state, I almost faint to see Warren. The creature had been ripped Warren's body apart, and threw it into all corners of the room. A very bad way to die.

"What are you doing?" cried Gregory. This time I hear the fear in his voice. His fear is absolute.

The creature still silent, but then he said the most horrible sound I've ever heard, "I was ordered to protect Claire's blood, and that's what I do."

Claire? My middle name is Claire. And even in that moment I feel a little bit ashamed of my middle name that sound like girl name, hear that thing called me by my name make me think of my Mother.

I hear that creature roar with a ridiculous sound, then it attack Gregory. Panic, Gregory then ordered his men to attack the mysterious creature.

I saw it all with my blurred sight, clutching my badly wounded chest, punctured by Warren. Blood gushing over and over. I look at my father and mother for the last time, and said quietly, "I will stay alive".

Then, everything suddenly go black.


Where am I?

Everything is so blurry and I can't put a single coherent thought. Then, I realize I am in the hospital. My body was wrapped in bandages, and I smell the disinfectant. I could hear the constant buzzing of hospital's machine that connected to my body. Trying to hypnotize me to go back to sleep and forget the nightmare.

I try so hard to open my eyes and move my body. I have to know what happened, why I was in the hospital. Where is my father? Where is my mother? Warren? Gregory? That mysterious creature? The questions continues to spinning, playing in my head and make me dizzy.

I then push the button for the nurse, and a few minutes later a woman in a nurse outfit come, her face shaded. She see me and said, "oh, you awake? How are you? "

"Hi", I smiled, weakly, and the asked "what happened? Why am I here? "

"Calm down, son. You're safe here "she replied.

"But I want to know who brought me here? Then .. where both my parents ...? "

The nurse is silent, and look at me sympathetically.

"Your neighbor is who brought you here. He wanted to give some gifts for your family, but was surprised to see ... to see ... your house. You're the only one who survived. Your parents are dead. We can't help them..."

I know it. No need to describe their condition again. I saw it with my own eyes, my father and mother died. Also, it's impossible to help my father, with his head had been cut from his body.  They were gone for good. But, something bugged me.

"But my chest was ripped open!! I don't think the doctor can heal it. I would die alone from that!"

She look confused when see me. As to decide if I'm still lucid from my medicine. "Ripped open? No, son. You seems perfectly health. Just few scratch over your body. But you lose so many blood. That's why we connect the machine to your body. Weird indeed, you just have a few cuts, yet so many blood pool around you when paramedic come."

I'm stunned. I wonder, maybe the mysterious creature that heal me. The blood that pooled around me of course my own blood that fallin from wound Warren put to my chest.

The nurse then put the flowers in my room. Check my blood pressure, check the machine that connected in my body and after deciding she not worried about my situation, she left me.

Day by day in the hospital passed quickly, or I do not care. My neighbors visit me. My friends who always make fun and bullied me at the school came, and looked at me with pity look on their face. One of their parents offer me to life with them.

No, I thought. Why? I don't want the last incident to happen again. No way. Leave me alone. I don't want to see people who are dear to me die again. I see blood and I feel sick. Although on the other side, I think like if I craved it. It's disgusting.

Sometimes, once they are all gone, I cried uncontrollably. In my heart I promise myself, this is my last cries. From this time , I will not cry anymore. I will fulfill my parents's last words. Live alone and do not depend on others. Continue to survive.

Months  passed, the doctors and nurses decide I can be release out of the hospital. No relatives picked me up. No surprise after all. All of my neighbors offered help, but I'm resist them. I don't even want to see their faces that were full of pity.

After coming back from the hospital, I'm going to the grave of my parents. My neighbors kindly enough to look after them and provide a decent funeral. But I can't said thank you for them. My heart feels numb, I feel so empty when I see the grave. They were buried side by side. I just hope they will meet again in heaven, and will never be separated for the second time.

Before I leave the grave, I said, sobbingly, "Father, mother. I love you both. I'm sorry, you must give up your lives. I.. I  will never forget you. From now on I will start my own life. I will never forget that you've protected me until the last time. "

For a moment I felt like my mother's fingers stroked my hair. But I know it's just a feeling. There is no one stand in this cemetery besides myself. With a heavy heart I take my suitcase and start walking. I know, it may be difficult for 12 years old boy like me to take this path. But I'm sure I could.

I turn to the cemetery for the last time. Then look around. Peansville look so peaceful. Safe from the vampire attack, but still those filthy creatures that killed my parents.

Then I  walked and left Peansville. Go to Balkhas, like my father said in his last time. To go to the main base of Vampire Hunters.

Goodbye Peansville...

Goodbye, my home...

Goodbye... my parents...

The wind howled. Its sound like someone roar.

And I realize...

It's my roar of vengeance...

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Never Walk Alone : Chapter 1

Hai hai :D

Never Walk Alone, adalah novel yang saya ikutkan untuk NaNoWriMo di tahun 2011, dimana saya pertama kalinya join NaNoWriMo. Karena pada bulan saat saya nulis cerita ini, yaitu November 2011, saya diterima kerja, jadi berhenti di tengah jalan deh :') . Saya belum tahu kapan mau ngelanjutin lagi, semoga saja ada waktu. Karena di NaNoWriMo tahun ini, saya menulis cerita yang bener - bener baru.

Never Walk Alone adalah versi yang lebih baru dan lebih matang secara tulisan (yah menurut saya :P) dari When You Smile. Ada penambahan karakter dan perkembangan cerita. Untuk versi yang saya posting ini, saya memposting edisi bahasa Inggrisnya, yang saya terjemahkan sendiri. Berhubung bahasa Inggris bukan bahasa native saya, kalau ada nemu kesalahan grammar dan structure, bisa kirim email ke saya di sawamura_foxman at yahoo dot com 

Selamat membaca :D


~ Mardalsfossen, 3025 AD ~

"Dad, I want those chocolate ice cream!"

A shout from some little boy make me awake. I glance to the clock beside my bed. Still 5 a.m. I see if the chick I met last night still sleep beside me.

She's not there.

Good. Maybe she hang up with Roderick, our Fire Master. I'm not bothered by that fact. Not that I'm terrible lover or something that snore in my bed. But I prefer to wake alone.

The morning's weather was cool enough to freeze me out. Slowly, I step out from my bed and walk into the window. I open it and breathe, the air is so fresh even I'm still feel cold. Been 6 months since Randalph leave Mardalsfossen and go to Alcarta. He had a plan, someone to meet, something to do. It's Randalph to you. He come and go as he please.

I see to the outside. Well, that little boy voice is loud enough to wake dead people. He can't stop whining to his parents. Why they still not buy him ice cream? Feel annoyed, I start to shout to him to just shut up, when I see them. And stun when look their happy faces.

Family ...

It's been seventeen years, when my life change. And suddenly I remember all the events in my past. Seventeen years ago, when I am not familiar with the hardest part of this world.

Seventeen years ago, when my deepest nightmare began ...


~ Peanville, 3008 AD, 17 years ago ~

My name is Alexandre Claire Evinrude. People often look at me confusely or wondering why my middle name sound like a girl name. I think that's my mother's fault, Marie Evinrude. At the beginning of her pregnancy, she is so eager to had baby girl and want to named her Claire. Imagine when the baby is a boy, a.k.a me. But my father, Laurent Evinrude, bless him, sometimes he had a brilliant idea. Claire's name continue to be used, but as a middle name. He then naming me Alexandre, which its meaning in French was, "defender of the humankind".

Few days more, I'll turn twelve years old. Still a child, that what my father said. Not yet a teenager, he added. My mother just smile, and she will stroke my hair. She always say, "Alex, you really like your father. A handsome face, aquiline nose, a lips that always whining to get what you want, "she said with a laugh.

"But my eye color comes from you," I replied.

"Ah, yes. yours are like mine, like amethyst stone, "said her.

"Like those blood-sucking leechs," I muttered.

They suddenly become quiet, then just look at me sadly. I feel awkward after say that.

"Yes, like a vampire", says my father.

"I hate my eyes! My friends in school always make fun of me. And they also mock you, Mother! "

"Did they hurt you, Alex?" asked my mother. She sounded worried.

"Nothing. Yes, sometimes they  locked me in the bathroom. But, I always make it out. I'm smarter than them, "I replied, proudly.

Father and mother look at each other, then they laugh. Well, I do not want to make them afraid, a little lie  sometimes is necessary. My friends  not only locked me in the bathroom,  sometimes they beat me. I used to hide the wounds from my parents. Yeah, a little lie will not hurt anyone.

"If they start to bullying you and cross the line, you can complain to the teachers, Alex," said my father, stop my inner mind dialogue.

"Father, I'm not weak. But, okay, I'll do it. " Once again, I like to appraise myself in front of my parents.

He smile once more. He look pleased with his one and only boy. Sometimes I feel very lonely staying at home. Evinrude family's mansion is magnificient but gloomy. Sometimes I talk to my parents (or rather whine), to move from Peanville then go to Mardalsfossen.

But my mother always refuse. "Mardalsfossen not safe," she replied.

"Mardalsfossen is a great city, and have lots of great toys!" I wailed. Hey, I'm a boy - a usual kind of boy who is also fond of toys.

"Peansville is safer. There are no vampires here. "

"Mardalsfossen too. Well, I hear there are vampires wandering at the city, but just a few of them. Unlike at Balkhas, Mother! "

"When I said not, it is not, Alex", Mother said gently. "Do you not feel like at home when staying in Peansville?"

I was speechless and only nod. Well, what a twelve-year olds boy can do? I have to stay in Peansville that so grim and gloomy, and face any bullying act from my friends at school.

The same day start over and over again without stopping.

But somehow, today, my father and mother being weird. Not like usual,I thought. Mother who is usually cheerful, now become quiet and more quiet. She stroke my hair for times. My father that always joke with me, become grim and also quiet. Well they are still play and talk with me, but after that they fell silent again. As if...thinking of something.

I become panic. What's wrong with them? Are they mad at me? Are they somehow knew I was hiding the fact that I used to be bullied at school?

My questions is answered that night. Ten o'clock at night, it should be 12 years old boy as me to already asleep. But my father told me not to sleep. I start to panic again. Darn, I thought. They know!

I'm trying to think positively. Maybe they will not punish me even though I'd lied to them. Maybe they will grant my wish to move to Mardalsfossen. Yeah, goodbye grim and gloomy Peansville. And I can go freely to Mardalsfossen, meet new people. Although in my little heart, I'm a little scared, what would they think if they see this eyes.

But my father still silent. So quiet, not speaking a word. Mom also just lower her face and weep. I hate to see she crying. Hey, I tell you one more, I'm. A. Boy ! If there is a girl or woman crying, I can not bear to see it. Not that I consider them weak. I just want to protect them,'kay? But, here I am, just stand and see her cry.

Mother cries grew louder and my father's face looked more grim. My fear grew. Even though still a child , I know, this is more than just some lies that was discovered. It's larger than "my friend are bullying me" problems

"Alex .." said my father.

"Y.. Yes?"

"We want to say something".

"What is it, Father?" I hope is not about the lies.

I'm confused. I see my father loss for words to speak. While my mother still crying. Then she saw me. Purple eyes like a amethys stone, shine like a rare jewel it is. Beautiful even she's crying. Her face was flushed, but she tried to smile. As if trying to convince me, that whatever my father said, everything will be fine... just fine.

My father sighed for a moment, then said, "Alex ... from now  ... you must live alone. Without us. "

Huh? I'm getting confused. Live... alone? What does he mean? Why suddenly my father talk like that? I just twelve years old, for God's sake! I know that I'm not a kid anymore. But give me a break? Twelve years old and your parents tell you to live alone? Huh! Their speech is a beautiful gift for my birthday, which is feel lame for me.

"Father, you just kidding right? You are not really serious with your words,right? "

But, I see his expression,  grim and serious. So, he is not joking. I then turn to my mother.

"Mother! Father just kidding right? You two just kidding, right? You don't really want me to live alone!!"

Mother still silent, then she hug me, sobbing. I hug her back, still feel confused

"Alex, forgive us, forgive us," she repeat that words, and still sobbing.

I'm getting more confused, why suddenly they said something like this . Why must this day? The day I celebrate my twelve years birthday?

I am not realize that tonight was my last night with my family, and the last time we can be together. My brain as a small child can not understand the concept of life itself in a very young age. What is actually my parents hide, until they decide I should live alone? Do I have to part with them ... forever? No, I do not want to! They are the only family I have. All I know both, my parents are orphanage and although they have a cousin or distant relative, they never say it.

That question continues to repeat itself, again and again in my mind. Why must this day they say I must live alone? And, where do I go?

Meanwhile, the wind outside the window grow louder and a sound of roaring suddenly appear. It's so terrible, I feel cold. Father look strained, my mother stopped crying, but she still hug me. I am silent too. I feel something bad is going to my home. Something evil that make my father and mother suddenly tell me to live alone.

A second later, all the windows in my house broken. I feel the wind blow very hard and the chill of night pierce my face. Electricity in my house off, but thankfully there is still a glimmer of light from the outside coming into the house. So I can still see where my father and my mother is. We just fell quiet, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for something that threatens our safety.

Then, the figures that I am not recognize enter into our house.

They maybe, are the most horrible and cruel but also the most beautiful creatures I have ever known. They have same face with the people in the Humavalea. Only theirs are pale, protruding canine teeth when they're grinning, some invisible wings like bat, and a black cloak. I know, it's cliche, but I feel like a mouse in on front of snake. I can't move and can't stop see them.

And then, those purple eyes that like an amethyst stone. A monster who had for many years become human enemy at Humavalea.

Varuala they name themself. Vampire we named them, the creature we know only living in legend, but they do exist. Live in the kingdom Varua, the place that only screams can be hear from our world.

"We want to take the boy," said one of them with a hoarse voice as he pointed at me. While the rest stand around me and my parents. We are stuck, unable to escape. Can't ask for help. They are all show a very cruel expression on their face, one wrong move from us, it will have fatal consequences.

But my father suddenly came forward. As he stretch out his hands, he's going to protect us. That's my dad. The Evinrude family protector. The vampires are tall, but my father's height is above the average people. He is not afraid to see the vampires. His face is tense, and now looks full of anger.

My mother still holding me. She had stopped crying, and I am surprise to see her expression. Just as father, mother also looks angry. She hug me so tightly I can't breath and feel hurt. But Mother never move, she still hug me. Like don't want to let me go.

"No!", my father shout. "Until whenever, Alexandre will never we give to you all!"

The leader of the vampires pause, his eyes watching us coldly and calculating. He reply in a voice that make my father freeze. "The boy's there have a creature in his body that can destroy our nation. We have to kill him, in order for we to survived. I think you know about that, Laurent. "

I am surprise again. The vampire know my father's name! I see to my father, then to the vampire. He just smiled to see me. A smile that made me shudder. My father clench his teeth, listening to that vampire call his name.

"That's the business of you, the Varuala. Nothing to do with us,Humavalea's men! We live in Peansville, to avoid all the affairs between Varuala and Humavalea. Again, nothing to do with us. Alex is innocent, he don't know anything!"

"But you know, Laurent. You are the former vampire hunter. Huh, vampire. Just saying the word that you all human calling us is makes me sick. You're well known among the Varuala. Varua royal noble actually admire your ability as hunter. You're so smart, strong and also cunning. So clever until you can grab our most precious treasure. Is not that right, Marie? "

Mother gasp. She pause, then look at the vampire with anger.

"None of your business Gregory! I went from Varua, because I'm sure Laurent will make me safe! "

"But you're safer in our hands, Marie." answered the vampire, named Gregory, quietly. As if this is a tea banquet, and he don't intend to attack us.

I'am stun hear my mother's last words. She came from Varua?

"But she's not a vampire!" I exclaimed.

Gregory see me, his eyes show an interest.

"He never know, Laurent? Marie? He never know about the creature that inhabit his body. Creature that used to be the guardian of Marie, and now protect him. "

This is getting weird and weirder, the creature in my body make Gregory think it will threaten the vampire. Now he says the creature is my guardian. So, what am I?

"Mother ... I ... What am I?" I asked, looking at my mother.

My mother, with those beautiful purple eyes. Eyes that passed on to me, just look at me with sadness. "I'm sorry, Alex. You're still so young. Laurent and I realize that this day would come. That our life is not long enough after he took me away from Varua. That we should leave. "

"But, mother.You are come from Varua, it means mother ... you... father? My father knew that, so it means you are ... "

I can't continue. What my friends say at school always playing in my mind, that I was a vampire's child Because of this eyes. I shut them tightly. I can't think, I can't!

"No. Alex," said my father, "Your mother Marie was not part of the vampire. Your mother is more than that, and neither do you. "

"Laurent, Laurent, Laurent. That's what I admire about you. Intelligent, and full of secrets. I still wondering how you kidnap Marie, our treasure. "Gregory said, a tone of admiration in his voice, as well as sarcasm.

"None of your business, leech!" replied my father.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. And still so wild and rough. You realize Marie is my fiancee, and yet you took her. Laurent, you hurt my heart, and also make me angry. You both need to be punished. Your life is not enough. Marie's life too. Although I regret to say this, I love you Marie, really. But you chose this cockroach than me. So you also have to die with him, sweetheart. And I promise to treat your children like my own son. "Gregory kept smiling while looking at us. His men are standing in the back, all chuckled.

"You're crazy, Gregory. I and Marie may be die, but Alex is not mere thing you could recognize as yours. Alex will survive, just like Marie. Creature that inhabit his body will protect him and according to the propechy, will destroy you, the rotten leechs! "

"Laurent, my friend. With regret we do in fact, have to use violence, is not it? Andrew, Frances, Jean, you know what to do."

Gregory snapped his fingers, and instantly three of the vampires behind us moving forward at a pace that humans can not be detect.

The vampires attack my father. Mother hold me back, trying to protect me, while my father fight against the vampires. My father run into the nearest wall, and take the sword into the wall. And then  I know. It's not a decorative sword, the sword is real.

"Ah, Claymore. You still have it, I see. "Gregory sounded amazed, though I hear there is a little fear in his voice.

"Well, you know me, Gregory. It's not good to forget the past, "my father grin as he put his stance and wielding the sword, that called Claymore.

Three vampires under Gregory's command started to surround him. Father remain vigilant. His Claymore remain unsheathed. I was so amazed to see my father. He is like a warrior of the past, like a Templars knight that ready to kill his enemies in the battle, protect what he treasure the most. I hear Gregory call my father as the former vampire hunter. I never expect it. I always thought my father was an officer he used to be. It never dawned in my mind that he was once a warrior who defends the humans against the vampires.

"Father, don't lose! Fight, I want you to teach me how to swing a sword that make you always won! "I yelled.

"Shhh, Alex. Don't distract your father, "my mother said with a slight whisper.

My father never see me, he also never less his stance. But he said, "I'm sorry, Alex. If only I teach you to learning how to use sword from the first time. My fault to want Marie and me to raise you as a normal kid. "

"You will not lose!"

And still he continue to said, "Alex, listen to me. This is my last words from me. After this, I and your mother will not survive. But you can. Go as far as possible from here, and to Balkhas. Go to the main base of Vampire Hunter. Tell me you are my son, Laurent Evinrude. And whatever happens, fight. Fight, Alex! Stay alive for us, stay alive until you find someone that means to you, just as I find Marie. I love you Alex. Never, ever forget that. "

My father still not see me when he say that words. But I can see his back shudder. As if he know his time is no longer, that we will be forever separated.

I start to cry. But then I try to reply his, "I promise you, father. I promise I'll stay alive. I love you and mother too!. "

"It's really a touching farewell scene between father and son. Shakespeare will be so inspire to see you both and make a play from it. But, alas, my time is not so much. I'm sorry, Laurent, "Gregory said, still smiling.

I'm sick of seeing his smile!

Three of Gregory's vampires attacked my father. By instinct and experience as a vampire hunter, father go forward and wield his sword. His movements are so beautiful like a dancer.

Crashh! He manage to behead one of the vampire!

"Frances!" Hissed one of the vampire who attacked my father, then looked at him with deep hatred.

"One dies, two still standing." says my father.

The vampire attacked my father again. Try to avoid the vampire, my father roll back and draw his sword right through the vampire's heart.

"Two dead, one left." my father grin, and facing toward Gregory.

"It is the ability of your crew, Greg?"

"You know I really hate to call it, my friend Laurent. But Frances and Jean is a low level warrior. Let's see if you can beat Andreas. He is the son of the most talented and most powerful Varuala noble. "

My father put up his stance back, and this time he faces Andreas. Although I don't fight, I know the vampire named Andreas was dangerous. My father know it too. A cold sweat began to slick down on his face, and his hands began to tremble.

"Freeze. The ability to freeze the movement of the opponent. Amazing, Andreas, "said my father.

Andreas grinned, and then attack my father. To his surprise, my father break Andreas's spell, and strike back. They meet in the middle. Andreas, a vampire with sharp fingernails, rapid movement and almost invisible. Father with his claymore, but still able to fight Andreas.

Finally my father cast a final strike on Andreas, and cut his head. Andreas fall, but my father's breath sound weird. He's breathing so fast. Then I saw holding his stomach. Seems Andreas had cut my father and now he is wounded!


Father still not see me, as if I am not in the room. His eyes still look out to see Gregory. "You're not going to get Alex, Gregory."

Gregory with those sickening smile, again smile slyly and said, "I always get what I want, Laurent."

"Huh, nonsense ... ugh!"

I am stun. The event was happen very fast. Second before, my father still talking to Gregori, a second later red spot spread in his chest. Big red spot and smell metallic.


"Da ... mn."

"Yes, Laurent. You still remember Warren right? "

"War .. ren ...imposssible. I ... I ... "

"Kill him when you kidnapped Marie, isn't it? Warren was assigned to guard Marie. And you thought you had killed him, Laurent. But you don't know, that you just kill his shadow. "

"Shadow, eh? I was ... careless ... ugh! "my father look down and began to spit blood.


I start running toward my father, but my mother hold me back. Her tears flow like a rivers on her face. She look to my injured father, and whisper, "we will meet again after this, Laurent."

"Warren" said Gregori.

A shadowy figure appear out of nowhere and form silouette of a male. Pale as his colleagues, purple eyes that exude hatred that  now looking at my father.

A second later, my father turn to me. Finally he face me.

"Good-bye ... Alex," he said, smiling.

Before Warren blow the last strike and cut my father's head.

Catatan : Disini saya menggunakan A.D, yang merupakan singkatan dari After Destruction. Jadi tidak memakai sistem kalender Tahun Masehi :)

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To Cross The Dream : The Dream (Introduction)

Salah satu ide untuk cerita yang masih belum matang :D

Untuk sementara yang ada adalah sinopsis dan semacam teaser chapter. Semuanya ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. If you detect any mistake on grammar and structure, please tell me :)

Synopsis (tentative)
 Xavier O'Connor, or Xavi is famous writer. His books become bestseller for years. Unfortunetaly he kinda have writer's block, his editor threat him, he will got fired if he not manage to finish the book, his father constantly nag and blackmail him for money, and his lover-soon-to-be-wife cheat on him.

Could life can be worse?
Xavi dreaming to just die, escape from any burden of his life. Even that will make he feel like coward.

But then, always careful with what you wish for...

Because its not just a dream...

The Dreams

I had a dream...

A bad dream..

A dream where I face something worse, something terrible, something that must not to be lived in this world...

A dream when I must fight them to survive...

A dream where my own family had forget me...

A dream where I meet people that I don't know who's my friend, who's my enemy...

A dream full of despair, betrayal, blood, and sadness..

A dream that when I wake up, I lost everything...

A dream that I forgot what is my dream...

But I remember something in my dream...

Someone's face...

A woman's face...

Full of ice, sadness, and sorrow...

Who are you?

Where are you come from?

Tell me...

This is real...

Or, it's just a dream?  

NaNoWriMo : Introduction

Q & A tentang NaNoWriMo (dikutip dari blog satunya); karena eventnya belum mulai, jadi masih belum dapat yang badge yang untuk tahun ini :)
Tahun ini pastinya mau mencoba ikut NaNoWriMo lagi, dan semoga bisa sukses nulis 50000 kata :D

Q : Jadi, NaNoWriMo itu apaan?
A : NaNoWriMo adalah singkatan dari National Novel Writing Month, atau Bulan Menulis Novel Nasional. Diselenggarakan setahun sekali, dimulai setiap tanggal 1 November. Event ini berasal dari Amerika Serikat, dan walau namanya "Nasional" sebenarnya pesertanya boleh dari belahan dunia di mana saja. Termasuk Indonesia tentunya.

Q : Kalo gitu harusnya "National" diganti "International" aja dong
A : ....
Yah, saya sih kurang tahu masalah ini -_-"

Q : Terus si Nano Nano ini ngapain?
A : NaNoWriMo yah, jangan samakan dengan nama permen itu *elus - elus dada*. NaNoWriMo mengharuskan pesertanya untuk menulis minimal 50 ribu kata hanya dalam waktu sebulan. Karena itu event ini akan berakhir di tanggal 30.

Q : Waaaaks? 50 ribu kata?
A : Yup, 50 ribu kata. Jumlah yang tidak sedikit tentunya. Karena itu minimal para Wrimos ini harus menulis 1667 kata per harinya. Kalau di dunia perbukuan sih, jatuhnya hanya akan jadi novella. Untuk menulis novel yang full, minimal itu 60ribu-80ribu kata. Jadi mari kita latihan nulis dengan NaNoWriMo ini

Q : Terus, kalo udah selesai nulis diapain?
A : Peserta atau Wrimos akan memvalidasi novelnya di kotak "word count" yang ada di website NaNoWriMo. Jika mereka berhasil menulis 50 ribu kata, mereka akan dinyatakan sebagai pemenangnya.

Q : Yang menang dapat apa?
A : Pemenang akan dapat sertifikat kalau dia pemenang NaNoWriMos, dan bisa dipajang di mana saja. Mau dishare di FBnya atau di web, atau di blog.

Q : Aih, ga dapet duit? Di mana asyiknya??
A : NaNoWriMo memang hanya untuk fun. Untuk penulis amatir, ini digunakan untuk menyalurkan bakat menulis mereka atau menuangkan ide - ide yang lama terpendam di otak. Untuk penulis profesional, tentu saja untuk membuat karya baru yang nantinya akan diajukan ke penerbit.

Q : Wow, penulis profesional juga? Waduh kayaknya susah ya?
A : Ha, ha, ha. Ngga juga sih. NaNo ini bukan saingan cerita siapa yang lebih bagus atau lebih menarik. NaNo lebih sebagai tantangan bagi para Wrimos untuk menulis 50 ribu kata sebelum tenggat waktu saja. Dan jangan salah lho, NaNoWriMo juga bisa jadi ajang penulis amatir buat mengajukan karya mereka ke penerbit. Banyak novel - novel bikinan para Wrimos yang nantinya sukses di pasaran. Contohnya di Amerika Serikat sana adalah Erin Morgensten dengan The Night Circus nya yang ditulis saat beliau mengikuti NaNoWriMo ini. (kalau yang dari Indonesia, ada banyak tuh. Beberapa diantaranya jadi penulis di G***s )

Q : Wah, aku jadi lumayan tertarik sama si Nano ini. Aku jadi pengen daftar juga. Gimana caranya?
A : Seneng nih saya bisa bikin kamu tertarik. Caranya gampang kok. Kamu tinggal klik ke webnya NaNoWriMo di sini. Bikin akunnya, setelah divalidasi, tinggal diisi info tentang kamu, novel yang kamu bikin apa, sinopsis dan cuplikannya. Jangan lupa untuk mengatur region kamu ke Asia- Indonesia, ya. Karena banyak juga orang Indonesia yang ikut NaNo ini. Lalu, main - main ke forum mereka di sini . Siapa tahu ketemu teman baru dan di sana juga banyak para Wrimos yang berbagi pengalaman.

Q : Tapi aku bingung nih mau nulis apa? =(
A : Ha ha ha, awalnya saya juga sama kok. Tapi yang namanya ide itu selalu ada. Di forum NaNo saya sering ketemu sama mereka yang suka nulis fan fiction. Kalau kamu suka nulis fan fiksi, itu juga bisa dicoba.Untuk event NaNo kali ini, saya lebih siap daripada saat pertama kali yang ngeblank. Sudah nyicil plotline dan beberapa karakter. Semoga aja juga bisa ngedesain cover, biar tambah semangat!

Q : Betewe, ini event NaNo kamu yang keberapa sih?
A : Yang ketiga. Yang pertama, sempat kenalan dengan ChrisMor, hahaha. Dan ternyata beberapa diantaranya menjadi penulis di salah satu penerbit. Wow! Untuk NaNo pertama bisa dibilang gagal banget sih, karena waktu itu pas keterima kerja. Jadinya ga sempat nerusin. Yang tahun kemaren malah saya lupa :D. Yang tahun ini, semoga saya bisa deh (yosss!!)

Q : Terus ada rencana buat nerbitin novel kamu?
A : Saya sih belum ada rencana kesana, karena jujur saja berusaha konsisten untuk nulis setiap hari dan itu susahnya bukan main. Kadang ada rajinnya, kadang malesnya minta ampun. Dan berhubung saya nulis hanya untuk memenuhi kuota harian (1667 kata/ hari), jadinya bener - bener ga pernah ngedit novel saya. Semoga saya bisa melakukannya setelah NaNo ini selesai

Q: Apa sih yang kamu dapat dari event NaNo ini?
Terlalu dini yah untuk itu. Sementara ini hal yang saya pelajari dari NaNo adalah tentang disiplin dan konsistensi. Disiplin untuk memenuhi target harian kamu dan konsistensi untuk terus menulis tiap hari.

Q : *terpana* Waks, ya udah. Good luck ya buat event NaNo ini!
A : Yup, sama - sama.Ayo ikutan, masih ada waktu 12 hari lagi sebelum tanggal 1 November :D

Bagaimana? Setelah membaca Q & A di atas, apa rasa penasaran kamu tentang NaNoWriMo terjawab? Atau masih ada yang pengen kamu tanyakan? Jangan segan tanya sama saya di kotak komen di bawah ini ya =) .Dan bagi Wrimos yang baca pos ini, ayo semangat menulisnya!!

Tips - tips yang berkaitan dengan NaNoWriMo :


Bagi yang menyukai tantangan saat menulis :

Dan bingung memberi nama buat karakternya , apalagi kalo karakter dari luar negeri :

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When He Smile : Part 4 (Final)


When He Smile adalah awal mula cerita Clay Evinrude, seorang pembasmi vampir. Ini adalah awal dari kisah balas dendam dan kebencian Clay yang mendalam kepada vampir. Dan juga pertemuannya dengan sahabatnya Randolph Svenson yang nantinya akan merubah kehidupan mereka. Selamat membaca :D

Silakan baca part 1 cerita ini di link ini :) 
Part 2 di link ini
Part 3 di link ini
Dan akhirnya sampai di bagian terakhir, part 4 


Uhh, suara bel. Jam berapa ini?

Perlahan-lahan kubuka mataku. Berat sekali rasanya. Ketika, akhirnya mataku bisa kubuka sepenuhnya, aku melihat sekelilingku. Ternyata aku sudah ada di kamarku. Bajuku pun tetap sama dengan yang kemarin kupakai.

Pelan-pelan, aku turun dari tempat tidur, lalu berjalan menuju cermin. Kulihat bayanganku sendiri di cermin. Uhh, jelek sekali! Mataku lebam dan merah, seperti habis ditinju orang. Rambutku berantakan, dan kepalaku sedikit pusing.

Aku tidak ingat apa yang terjadi semalam. Yang kuingat hanyalah, tadi malam aku duduk di taman dengan Randalph. Berbincang-bincang, lalu aku marah-marah kepadanya. Setelah itu aku menangis. Tapi, apa yang terjadi setelahnya aku sama sekali tidak ingat.

Aku bergegas pergi ke wastafel. Mencuci mukaku, gosok gigi, lalu merapikan rambutku. Setelah itu, aku turun ke bawah. Kepalaku masih pusing dan telingaku berdenging.

Ketika sudah sampai dibawah, aku melihat Randalph sedang duduk di meja makan, sembari minum teh.

“Hai, Clay! Sudah bangun,yah! Sudah baikan?”

“Ngg, yahh…!”

“Tadi malam kamu heboh sekali lho. Menangis dengan begitu kerasnya. Tapi setelah itu, tangismu mulai mereda. Dan setelah berhenti, kamu langsung tertidur. Pasti capek, yah, setelah menangis selama satu jam, he…he…he…”

“Satu jam? Selama itu? Maaf, sudah merepotkanmu”.

“Nggak, nggak apa-apa kok! Oh, ya kamu mau minum teh buatanku ini? Aku baru saja keluar membeli bahan-bahannya lo,” tawar Randalph, sambil memberikan secangkir teh.

Kuambil cangkir teh itu. Kalau dilihat-lihat, tehnya sedikit aneh. Dan baunya agak mencurigakan. Tapi, karena kasihan pada Randalph yang sudah membuatkan teh ini, kuminum saja walaupun sedikit ragu-ragu.

“Phuaaahhh!!! Hoeekkk, apa ini???”

“Gimana? Enak, kan?”

“Yang begini ini, kamu bilang enak?”

“Lho, harusnya kamu bersyukur loh, bisa minum teh ini. Hanya ada satu jenis minuman teh seperti ini di dunia. Dan hanya aku yang bisa membuatnya Ini resep rahasiaku!” jawab Randalph sambil senyum-senyum.

“Rahasia? Apa yang kamu masukkan?” tanyaku sambil berusaha mencari air putih, karena rasanya yang benar-benar tidak enak.

“ Campuran dari segala macam teh. Mulai dari darjeeling, ceylon, assam, earl grey, dan sebagainya. Lalu aku tambahkan sedikit kopi dan satu sendok penuh susu. Gulanya 3 sendok makan. Untuk menambahkan sedikit citarasa, aku pakai sedikit bubuk merica dan pala. Oh, ya ditambah juga dengan kayu manis.”

Errrggghh!! Pantas saja, rasanya benar-benar tidak enak. Dan, ketika ku lihat dapur….Arrgghhh, apa yang dia lakukan pada dapurku? Kenapa jadi berantakan begini.


“Ah, maaf, maaf, setelah ini akan kubersihkan, kok!”

Ahh, setelah Randalph datang kesini, hidupku jadi kacau. Kacau!!

Aku langsung membersihkan dapur. Ketika aku menoleh ke meja makan, dia malah bersiul-siul. Tahu kalau aku melihat ke arahnya, dia malah tersenyum. Seolah-olah di wajahnya tertulis “Tolong bersihkan, ya”. Uhh, aku tak tahan lagi.



“Kenapa kamu diam saja melihat dapur yang berantakan itu?!!”

“Loh, aku kan bilang, pasti akan kubersihkan, kok. Tidak usah repot-repot deh”.

Errghh!! Aku benar-benar marah! Akhirnya kubersihkan dapurku sendirian

“Sudah merasa enakan?”


“Kalau sudah bisa marah-marah seperti itu, artinya sudah lega, kan?”

“Apa maksudmu?”

“Hmm, lebih baik kamu duduk disini saja”

Aku melepas spon untuk membersihkan meja dapur. Lalu berjalan ke arah meja makan, setelah itu duduk diatas kursi yang telah disiapkan Randalph untukku.

“Ada apa?”

“Wajahmu sedikit cerah hari ini”

“Oh, ya?”

Randalph tersenyum.

“Aku…ingin mengucapkan terimakasih kepadamu…”

“Terimakasih? Memangnya ada apa?”

“Kalau bukan karena nasihatmu tadi malam, mungkin, aku akan terus menyimpan perasaan ini”.

“Yah, tidak perlu terimakasih segala kok. Itu sudah kewajibanku sebagai sesama teman”


“Iya, kita berdua teman kan?”

Teman, ya? Satu kata yang pernah kuanggap sebagai duri dalam hatiku

“Tapi, aku merasa…dengan peristiwa tadi malam, kamu sedikit berubah, Clay”.

Berubah? Aku?

“Yah, setidaknya, kamu bisa jujur pada hatimu sendiri. Itu yang paling penting sebelum kamu jujur pada orang lain”.

“Jujur pada perasaan sendiri, ya?”

“Ada satu yang ingin kukatakan padamu, Clay. Tadi malam kamu bertanya, kenapa aku bisa tegar seperti ini. Jawabannya sederhana, tawa dan senyum”


“Waktu itu, aku juga sama sepertimu. Rasa sedih dan marah, hanyut jadi satu dalam tangisanku. Yah, aku juga menangis sekeras-kerasnya, sama sepertimu. Lalu, Matt berkata kepadaku,

“Kalau ingin menangis, menangislah. Jangan pernah memendam apa yang ada di hatimu. Keluarkan semuanya, apa yang membuat hatimu sakit. Lalu, nanti sesudah kau menangis sampai airmatamu yang terakhir, tertawalah. Maka hatimu akan menjadi lega…” sampai sekarang, kata-kata Matt terus terpatri dalam hatiku ini. Tapi, aku yang sekarang ini sudah tidak bisa menangis lagi. Mungkin, air mataku sudah habis waktu itu. Dan karena tidak bisa menangis, jadi aku tertawa saja.”


“Loh, Clay, kamu kok menangis lagi? Ada apa? Ada yang sakit, ya?”

“Tidak, tidak apa-apa”.

Tanpa sadar, aku menangis lagi. Tapi, ini tidak sama dengan tadi malam. Entah kenapa, hatiku merasa lega dan juga bahagia. Ingin rasanya aku tertawa. Perasaan inilah, yang sudah aku pendam selama sembilan tahun, semenjak kematian ayah dan ibu.

“Randalph, terimakasih!”

“Clay…, kamu…tersenyum?”

Aku tersenyum, ya aku tersenyum. Aku yang selama sembilan tahun ini tidak pernah tersenyum. Bahkan, mungkin aku sudah lupa bagaimana caranya tersenyum. Randalphlah yang membuka hatiku, menyadarkanku apa arti hidup ini.


“Yah, sama-sama. Kita ini, teman khan?”

“Yah, teman”.

“Kalau begitu, ayo kita bersumpah disini. Apapun yang terjadi, walaupun salah satu dari kita terpisah jauh, persahabatan kita tetap abadi!!” ujar Randalph, sambil mengacungkan jari kelingkingnya.

Aku mengaitkan jari kelingkingku ke jarinya. Lalu kami berdua saling tersenyum penuh arti.

“Ya”, kataku,”apapun yang terjadi, kita ini adalah sahabat sejati!”


Mardalsfossen, 3 tahun kemudian

Sejak perjanjian itu, kami berdua menjadi dekat. Suatu hari kami berniat akan membentuk sebuah organisasi VH. Setelah mengurus ijin dan persyaratan di VH Central Building, kami mencari nama organisasi. Semalaman kami ribut mencari nama organisasi. Dan paginya, akhirnya kami menemukannya.

Nama organisasi kami adalah “LETFRANT”. Aku tak tahu artinya apa. Randalphlah yang menemukan nama itu. Dan karena dia beranggapan kalau nama itu keren, akhirnya kami memakainya. Awalnya anggota organisasi kami hanya kami berdua. Lalu, berturut-turut mulai masuk anggota baru.

Yang pertama masuk adalah Nico Torin. Umurnya 19 tahun. Perawakannya biasa saja, tapi dia sangat kuat. Sanggup mengangkat beban 500 kg. Penguasa sihir barat. Identitas sebenarnya, adalah putra dari Master Penyihir Barat, pimpinan AWWH(Association of West Wizard in Humavalea) yang bermarkas di Berlin. Alasannya ikut sendiri, karena dia tidak mau jadi penerus ayahnya. Alasan yang klasik sebenarnya. Kami menerimanya, ketika kami baru saja mendaftarkan LETFRANT di VH Central Building. Pertemuan pertama yang penuh kekacauan.

Lalu, beberapa bulan kemudian, sepasang cewek dan cowok yang masuk. Nama mereka Roderick Rutherford yang selalu bergaya cowboy dan dipanggil Rod, dan Celia Rutherford, yang suka bersikap keibuan, sekaligus satu-satunya wanita di LETFRANT. Awalnya aku kira mereka adalah suami-istri atau kakak-adik, karena nama belakang sama. Tapi setiap kutanya, mereka selalu bilang “rahasia”. Rod adalah seorang pyrokinesis (sanggup mengendalikan api), sedangkan Celia mampu menghinoptis orang dengan tariannya dan kemampuan meramal dengan tarot (kami pernah terkena hipnotisnya).

Anggota baru lainnya adalah Akio Kazehayabashi, seorang pendeta dari negeri timur bernama Shin Tokyo. Kemampuannya tidak bisa diremehkan. Dia ahli dalam sihir timur dan menguasai angin. Lawan Nico, mereka seusia, tapi tetap jadi teman. Walaupun begitu hobinya membuatku merinding, karena dia gemar membuat boneka kutukan, dan bereksperimen dengan bonekanya. Emosinya sepertinya agak tidak stabil.

Anggota yang ketujuh adalah Lunar Louisse. Kami memanggilnya Lou. Tidak ada yang istimewa darinya, kecuali kenyataan kalau dia manusia serigala. Sukunya sudah punah karena serangan Vampir dan dia ingin balas dendam. Setidaknya tujuannya hampir sama denganku.

Dan, anggota yang terakhir adalah Andrew Balthor. Entah kenapa, aku merasa tidak cocok dengannya –kecuali Randalph yang akrab dengan semua orang-. Kemampuannya di bidang komputer dan hacking. Panggilannya adalah “Wired”. Walaupun aku tidak suka padanya, kuterima juga (karena desakan Randalph, sebenarnya). Walaupun begitu, dia sangat membantu jika kami ingin mencari informasi, yang tentunya “Top Secret”, karena kemampuan hackingnya.

Aku sendiri menjadi pemimpin LETFRANT, dan wakilnya Rod. Randalph tidak mau menjadi pemimpin, dia malah menunjukku. Katanya, ”Kamu punya bakat jadi pemimpin”. Dia tidak mau menjadi pemimpin atau wakil. Hanya minta kedudukan sebagai “anggota istimewa”.(ada-ada saja).

Sebagai pemimpin, aku harus memahami anak buahku. Awalnya sulit memang. Tapi, dengan bantuan Randalph, hal itu bisa kuatasi. Terus terang, aku kurang bisa bersosialisasi.

Hari ini, usiaku 22 tahun. Tak terasa sudah 12 tahun aku hidup mandiri. Aku pun mulai bisa membiasakan diri dengan LaMu, walaupun tidak jarang dia selalu mencemoohku. Aku juga mulai terbiasa dengan anggota LETFRANT yang lain (kecuali Wired, yang entah kenapa, selalu ada yang mengganjal hatiku). Aku juga mengganti penampilanku. Rambutku sudah panjang, dan aku tidak pernah berniat memotongnya. Jika tidak tahu, banyak yang mengira aku adalah Vampir sejati, walau kenyataannya, di dalam tubuhku juga ada Vampir.

Aku menikmati hari-hari itu, sampai suatu hari Randalph akan pergi. Aku sendiri baru tahu dari Rod, kalau pagi itu Randalph akan berangkat.

“Kamu mau pergi kemana?”

“Ah, Clay. Sudah dengar dari Rod, ya”.

“Jadi, berita itu benar? Kamu akan meninggalkan Mardalsfossen ini.”

“Yah, aku akan pergi ke Alcarta”.

“Alcarta? Untuk apa?”

“Entahlah, ada sesuatu yang menarikku kesana. Tadi malam aku mendapat “penglihatan”, dan ada yang menyuruhku pergi kesana.”


“Aku juga sudah bertanya ke Celia. Dan ternyata ramalannya memang benar. Ada sesuatu yang menantiku disana”

“Kamu…tidak akan kembali?”

“Ahh, tentu saja tidak. Kalau urusanku sudah selesai, aku pasti akan kembali kesini lagi”

“Begitu, ya. Kalau begitu pergilah!”

“Hmm, kalau kamu kangen, aku sudah siapkan satu galon teh"

“Tidak usah! Kamu pikir sudah berapa orang yang hampir keracunan, karena minum teh buatanmu itu.”

“Ha..ha..ha..!! Sampai segitunya. Baiklah, aku berangkat dulu ya. Aku titip LETFRANT dan sampaikan salamku pada yang lain,”



“Kita ini teman kan?” tanyaku.

“Tentu saja!”jawab Randalph.

Aku mengantar kepergian Randalph ke Alcarta. Seperti janji kami dulu, walaupun salah satu dari kami terpisah jauh, dan apapun yang terjadi, persahabatan kami berdua akan tetap abadi. Waktu itu, aku tak menyadarinya, bahwa Randalph akan membawa seseorang yang nantinya, akan berpengaruh besar pada Humavalea dan Varua…

“Clay, Clay, bangun! Sudah siang!”

Nggh. Siapa yang membangunkan aku? Bukannya aku tadi sudah bangun? Apa aku tertidur lagi?

“Oh, My God! Clay, kenapa kamu bisa tidur sambil berdiri? Tidur di dekat jendela,lagi! Kalau ada yang melihat, bagaimana?”

Ah, ternyata itu suara Celia. Rupanya, waktu sedang mengingat masa laluku tadi, aku ketiduran dan bermimpi. Dan, suara Celia menghentikan mimpiku, ibarat sebuah film yang rollnya sudah selesai berputar.

“Ada apa Celia? Kenapa ribut-ribut? Aku masih ngantuk! Kalau ada urusan nanti saja,” pintaku sambil setengah menguap.

“Nantimu itu berapa jam?” tanya Celia.

“Entahlah, mungkin sekitar 15 jam lagi” jawabku, sambil siap-siap untuk tidur lagi.

Aku benar-benar kecapekan. Tadi malam, aku menghadiri rapat di VH Central Building, dan terus terang, aku bosan mendengar para kakek reyot petinggi organisasi berteriak-teriak membahas masalah yang sebenarnya sudah ketinggalan jaman.

“Tidak bisa! Ayo, Clay, kita harus siap-siap! Kita kedatangan tamu istimewa! Ayo, cepat bangun”

“Tamu istimewa? Siapa? Kalau orang-orang petinggi organisasi yang datang, bilang aku tidak ada di tempat!”

“Bukan, Clay! Hari ini, aku meramal tarot. Dan hasilnya bagus sekali! Coba tebak siapa yang datang?”

“Siapa? Aku malas main tebak-tebakan denganmu Celia”.

“Randalph! Randalph sudah pulang dari Alcarta. Selain itu dia juga membawa anggota baru. Jika tidak ada halangan, mereka akan sampai satu jam lagi”.

“Apa? Randalph? Datang satu jam lagi? Kenapa kau tidak bilang Celia? Aku harus siap-siap!”

“Dasar! Dibilangin dari tadi juga”.

Randalph datang! Tergesa-gesa, aku mencuci muka dan merapikan rambutku lalu berpakaian. Akhirnya setelah ½ tahun pergi ke Alcarta, dia pulang juga. Membawa anggota baru, siapa dia kira-kira?

Setelah berpakaian rapi, aku langsung pergi ke bangsal. Tapi tidak ada siapa-siapa disana. Kecuali hanya ada satu orang. Seorang cowok. Mungkin usianya sekitar 17 tahun.

“Permisi, boleh tahu dimana toiletnya?”

“Ah, eh, iya! Disana, belok kiri, lalu jalan terus!” jawabku sedikit gelagapan. Walaupun laki-laki, wajahnya manis sekali.

“Thanks! Oh, ya kamu manusia atau Vampir? Kelihatannya kamu manusia ya, walaupun penampilanmu seperti Vampir. Sekali lagi, thanks!” jawab anak cowok itu, lalu dia berlari menuju ke arah yang sudah kutunjuk.

Anak yang banyak bicara seperti Randalph, pikirku. Tapi, aku harus bergegas. Mungkin mereka semua ada di luar...


Apa itu tadi? Ada ledakan?

Mendengar suara ledakan, aku langsung berlari ke arah suara itu. Tapi, sesaat setelah ledakan itu, terdengar suara pistol. Siapa yang memakai pistol? Di LETFRANT tidak ada yang memakai pistol.

Jawabannya baru kuketahui setelah sampai disana. Rupanya, ada beberapa Vampir yang menyerang markas LETFRANT. Mungkin karena sebelumnya, kami mengadakan perburuan besar-besaran terhadap para Vampir. Dan mereka pasti ingin membalas dendam teman-temannya yang telah kami tangkap. Tapi, lagi-lagi aku terkejut. Yang menghadapi mereka adalah anak cowok yang baru saja kutemui.

Aku terpana. Tak kusangka, dia hebat sekali. Dengan senjata dua pistol, dia menembaki para Vampir. Pelurunya adalah peluru perak. Dia terus menembaki Vampir itu. Hebat sekali! Jumlah Vampir itu ada sekitar 20-an dan dia menghadapinya sendirian.

Sedetik kemudian, dia mulai terdesak. Dan, rupanya datang bala bantuan. Cih, sialan! Beraninya main keroyokan. Akhirnya aku pergi untuk menolongnya. Kulayangkan seranganku pada Vampir-Vampir itu. Beberapa diantara mereka roboh kena seranganku.

“Kau, tidak apa-apa?”tanyaku sambil mendekati dia.

“Ah, orang yang tadi, ya?”

Tiba-tiba mereka semua mengepungi kami. Hmm, mungkin mereka mengira bisa menang melawanku dengan cara ini.



“Kau bisa menembaki mereka semua khan?”

“Tentu saja! Tembakanku selalu tepat 100 %!”

“Baiklah, mulai hitungan ketiga. Satu…dua…tiga…!!”

Setelah hitungan ketiga, aku langsung melayangkan seranganku, dan dia menembaki para Vampir itu. Tidak sampai hitungan menit. Semuanya sudah roboh.

“Ah, terimakasih! Berkat kakak, aku terbantu!! Aku kaget sekali. Ketika mau ke toilet,tiba-tiba dindingnya hancur. Untung aku bawa dua pistol kesayanganku ini. Oh, ya kita baru bertemu, namaku Milliard. Nama kakak siapa?”

“Eh, aku?”

Tiba-tiba saja pintu dibelakangku terbuka lebar. Lalu…

“Clayy!!! Lama tak bertemu!”

Suara yang sudah lama kukenal. Suara Randalph.

“Randalph!! Bagaimana, kabarmu? Baik saja-saja kan?”

Kami berdua lalu berpelukan. Rasanya sudah lama sekali, sejak Randalph pergi.

“Yah, baik-baik saja. Engg, Milliard? Kenapa disini?”

Aku melepaskan pelukanku, lalu bertanya,

“Kau kenal dengan anak ini, Randalph?” tanyaku, sementara semuanya sudah masuk ke bangsal tempat kami berdiri.

“Yah, namanya Milliard Saga! Dia dari Alcarta, usianya 18 tahun. Dan, kemampuannya menembaknya tidak diragukan lagi. Dia nomor satu di Alcarta. Baru saja lulus sekolah, karena itu aku mengajaknya kesini. Bagaimana? Dia cukup tangguh lo! Masih ada tempat, kan?”

“Yah, tentu saja! Ternyata nama lengkapmu Milliard Saga, ya”.


“Namaku Claude, Claude C. Evinrude. Panggil saja Clay. Aku pimpinan LETFRANT, aku dengar dari Randalph, kemampuan menembakmu no 1, dan aku sudah melihatnya sendiri. Kalau tidak keberatan, maukah kau bekerjasama dengan kami?”

“Tentu saja! Aku kesini dengan harapan bisa mencapai tujuanku!”


“Yah, aku dengar orang2 yang masuk kesini adalah orang2 yang memiliki dendam pada para Vampir. Aku ingin masuk ke organisasi untuk mencari Vampir yang membunuh kedua orangtuaku dan kakakku!”

Milliard mengucapkannya dengan tegas. Dan dari sorotan matanya, aku seolah melihat diriku sendiri. Hati yang diselimuti dengan dendam.

“Yah, kalau itu keinginanmu, Milliard. Kalau begitu…”

Aku melihat ke arah Randalph. Dia hanya tersenyum dan berbisik, “terima saja”. Lalu, aku melihat Milliard. Anak ini

sungguh-sungguh. Tidak ada jalan lain kecuali mengijinkannya masuk LETFRANT.

“Baiklah Milliard… Selamat datang di LETFRANT!!”.


Kisah Clay Evinrude telah berakhir. Karena ini adalah prototype, maka banyak kalimat yang aneh, mengingat saya menulisnya saat SMA. Saya sudah menulis kisah terbaru Clay, yang namanya saya ganti. Beberapa kalimat yang saya rasa tidak enak dibaca, juga telah diganti. Saya menulisnya dalam bahasa Inggris, yang tentunya not gramatically correct, karena bahasa native saya kan bukan bahasa Inggris. 

Seperti biasa, jika ada yang mau memberi saran, atau kritik, you are very welcome ^_^

Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

When He Smile : Bab 3


 When He Smile adalah awal mula cerita Clay Evinrude, seorang pembasmi vampir. Ini adalah awal dari kisah balas dendam dan kebencian Clay yang mendalam kepada vampir. Dan juga pertemuannya dengan sahabatnya Randolph Svenson yang nantinya akan merubah kehidupan mereka. Selamat membaca :D

Maaf karena menunggu lama untuk Part 3 nya ^_^". 
Silakan baca part 1 cerita ini di link ini :) 
Dan part 2 di link ini

Sejak saat pertemuan pertamaku dengan Randalph, kami berdua saling bekerjasama dalam memburu Vampir. Tak jarang kami juga bersaing siapa duluan yang berhasil mengalahkan Vampir buruan. Dibandingkan denganku yang lebih sering pakai tangan kosong -karena aku tidak ingin memakai Balmung jika tidak terdesak-, Randalph memakai senjata. Senjatanya sendiri adalah seuntai benang. Bukan sembarang benang, benang itu terbuat dari besi. Dan dengan benangnya itu, Randalph sanggup memotong, bahkan menembus jantung Vampir buruannya.

Dan, dia memang benar-benar kuat. Sudah banyak Vampir yang diburunya, dan herannya ternyata banyak penduduk Mardalsfossen yang kenal dia. Randalph sangat menikmatinya. Dia selalu tersenyum setiap disapa oleh orang yang bahkan mungkin tidak dia kenal sama sekali. Hal yang sudah lama kulupakan.

Sudah genap satu tahun kami berdua bekerjasama dalam membasmi Vampir. Lama-kelamaan aku mulai mempercayainya dan –walaupun mungkin aku tidak mau mengakuinya- aku mulai mengganggapnya sebagai teman, daripada sekedar partner.  Sepertinya Randalph juga menganggapku demikian. Tapi, aku sama sekali tidak tahu apa yang ada dalam pikirannya ataupun kehidupannya sebelum bertemu denganku. Randalph selalu menutupinya.

Dan tanpa kusadari, entah kenapa, setiap berbicara dengan Randalph, apa yang ada di otakku semuanya mengalir dengan lancar lewat mulutku. Selama ini, aku tak pernah berbicara panjang lebar dengan orang lain. Apalagi mengutarakan apa yang ada di hatiku. Randalph sudah mengubah diriku selama satu tahun ini.

Sampai di suatu sore hari, seusai pergi ke rumah klien, dan mendapatkan bayaran, Randalph mengajakku ke sebuah taman. Kami lalu duduk di sebuah bangku.

“Hmm, popcorn ini memang enak sekali. Mau, Clay?”

“Tidak, terima kasih! Ada apa kamu mengajakku kesini Randalph?”

“Loh, sekali-kali santai juga nggak apa-apa kan?! Lagipula taman ini sepi ya, tidak ada siapa-siapa. Dari sini kita bisa melihat matahari terbenam, itu indah sekali lho! Kamu pernah melihatnya, Clay?”

Melihat matahari terbenam? Aku sering melihatnya tapi aku sama sekali tidak menikmatinya. Apakah matahari terbenam itu sebegitu indahnya? Apakah itu bukan suatu pertanda bahwa setelah matahari tenggelam, kegelapan malam yang akan datang. Dan, kegelapan itu bagi kami, VH adalah suatu surga, karena Vampir berkeliaran dimana-mana jika hari sudah gelap.

“Tidak, aku tidak pernah melihatnya” jawabku berbohong.

“Hmm, sayang padahal indah sekali!”



“Aku ingin mengusulkan sesuatu”

“Apa? Silahkan saja! Jarang-jarang kamu ngomong begitu”.

“Menurutku, benang yang terbuat dari besi itu tidak begitu bagus. Jika dipakai untuk membunuh Vampir, bukannya darah Vampir akan membuat benang besimu berkarat?”

“Hmm, betul katamu, tapi hanya logam ini yang sanggup memotong-motong dan menembus jantung Vampir. Lagipula ini warisan dari guruku”

“Kalau begitu maaf, mungkin aku tidak sopan, tapi, akan lebih baik kalau kamu mengganti benangnya dengan logam yang lebih baik”

Kupikir dia akan tersinggung mendengar ucapanku, tapi ternyata sama sekali tidak. Dia justru menerima usulanku.

“Hmm, baiklah. Menurutmu logam apa yang cocok untuk mengganti benang besiku ini?”

“Cle…Clementium. Logam ini daya tembusnya lebih baik dari besi, lagipula tidak akan berkarat walaupun terkena darah Vampir. Jadi, tidak perlu dibersihkan. Hanya saja untuk bisa menggunakannya harus memakai sihir”.

“Sihir! Kalau itu kan, selama ini juga aku selalu memakai sihirku untuk mengendalikan benang besiku itu”.

“Maksudku, sihir yang lebih kuat. Clementium bukan logam biasa, melainkan logam yang sangat langka.Mungkin saat ini di Humavalea, hanya ada sedikit Tapi, dia jauh lebih kuat dari besi dan lebih berat. Selain itu daya tembusnya lebih hebat dari logam manapun. Kalau kau memakai sihirmu yang sekarang, pastinya…”

“Clay… thanks atas perhatianmu. Tapi kalau tidak dicoba, kita mana bisa tahu. Aku ingin mencobanya. Kau tahu dimana tempatnya?”

Aku hanya diam saja. Randalph sangat optimis. Dia yakin bahwa dia sanggup memakai Clementium. Padahal selama ini kudengar tidak ada yang sanggup menggunakannya.

“A..aku tahu. Sebenarnya, aku pernah mendapatkannya dari seorang klien yang awalnya kuanggap tak tahu diri. Dia tidak membayarku dengan uang, tapi dengan Clementium. Awalnya aku sama sekali tidak tahu apa kegunaannya. Lalu, waktu aku pergi ke pusat VH di Mardalsfossen, aku baru tahu itu apa. Tapi, tetap saja aku tidak membutuhkannya. Jadi kalau kau mau…”tawarku.

Tiba-tiba saja dia menggenggam tanganku dan matanya bersinar-sinar. Aku jadi kaget sendiri. Randalph memang sering seperti itu.

“Tentu saja! Yes! Tidak perlu susah-susah mencarinya.. Sebenarnya aku tidak mau menggantinya, tapi kalau ada yang lebih bagus kenapa tidak dicoba? Ngomong2 kamu jujur sekali yah, bilang kalo klienmu tidak tahu diri,hahaha!”

Mukaku sedikit memerah. Baru kali ini aku dibilang jujur.

“Mm, begitu ya. Baiklah kalau sudah pulang, aku akan memberikannya kepadamu”.

“Sipp!! Nanti biar aku yang mengolahnya menjadi benang!”



“Aku ingin menanyakan sesuatu. Mungkin ini akan sedikit menyinggung perasaanmu”

“Ya, apa?”

“Kenapa, matamu yang sebelah kiri kau tutupi dengan kacamata yang lensanya cuma satu? Apa itu tidak terlihat aneh?”

“Oh,ini ya?” tanyanya sambil menunjuk kacamata lensa satunya itu.


“Panjang ceritanya. Kau mau kuceritakan?”

Aku mengangguk.

“Ini sebenarnya juga berhubungan dengan masa laluku”.

Aku teringat, dulu Randalph pernah bilang bahwa masa lalunya lebih menyedihkan dari masa laluku.

“Ah, maaf, bukan maksudku..”

“Nggak masalah, aku akan menceritakannya. Dengarkan baik-baik ya. Waktu aku masih kecil dulu, ibuku sering menyiksaku. Kau pasti tidak percaya, tapi itu adalah kenyataan”.

Disiksa, bagaimana mungkin? Apakah ibu Randalph sekejam itu?

“Mulai darimana enaknya, ya? Hmm, cerita ini kudengar dari salah satu familiku. Sebelum aku lahir, ibuku kabur dari rumah bersama kekasihnya Alasannya waktu itu, nenek dan kakekku tidak menyetujui hubungan mereka. Kekasih ibuku, atau ayahku itu tidak punya asal-usul yang jelas dan dia juga hilang ingatan, jadi mereka tidak mau ibuku menikah dengan ayahku.

Ayah dan ibu yang kawin lari lalu tinggal di rumah ayah yang ada di Corvus. Setahun kemudian, aku lahir. Saat itu kami benar-benar bahagia. Ayah yang tampan dan ibu, walaupun dia tidak begitu cantik, senyumnya indah sekali.

Enam tahun bersama orangtuaku bagaikan mimpi. Suatu hari, Ayah meninggalkan ibu tanpa alasan yang jelas. Saat itu juga bencana dimulai.

Sejak saat itu ibu mengasuhku sendirian. Awalnya kami berdua saling menyayangi. Sampai, ibuku mengetahui bahwa aku punya kekuatan tersembunyi, dia sangat marah sekali. Aku masih ingat kata-katanya waktu itu, “Randalph, apa yang kamu lakukan? Apa kamu tidak tahu bahwa itu kekuatan Vampir?”

Ah, tentu saja aku bingung. Mengapa apa yang kulakukan, dibilang seperti Vampir. Sejak saat itu, dia selalu menyiksaku dengan harapan, kekuatanku akan hilang dengan sendirinya. Tengah malam dia selalu menangis dan berdoa, kenapa ayah meninggalkan kami, kenapa aku harus punya kekuatan yang aneh begini?

Hal itu terus berlangsung sampai umurku 12 tahun. Bekas siksaan ibu pun masih terlihat jelas di tubuhku.Tapi, waktu itu aku sama sekali tidak mengeluh ataupun mengadukan pada orang lain. Karena aku yakin, ibu melakukannya demi diriku dan itu karena dia sangat sayang padaku.

Walaupun begitu, keyakinan itu mulai pudar, seiring dengan semakin seringnya ibuku menyiksaku. Sampai puncaknya, pada malam itu..”

Aku terpaku mendengar ucapan Randalph. Aku tak menyangka masa lalu Randalph sebegini pahitnya. Selama ini aku selalu menganggap bahwa masa laluku yang paling suram. Ternyata masa lalu Randalph jauh lebih menyakitkan.

“… malam itu, aku mengeluarkan kekuatanku untuk membunuh Vampir yang hendak menyerang ibuku. Tapi, rupanya ibuku tidak menyukainya, bahkan menangis histeris. Dia lalu menampar dan memukulku, sambil berteriak, “Anak Vampir!! Karena kamu ayahmu meninggalkan kita”.

Aku sama sekali tidak mengerti, apa benar ayah meninggalkan ibu karena aku? Setelah puas memukulku, ibu mengambil pisau yang ada di sebelahnya, lalu dia berkata,”Seharusnya kamu tidak punya kekuatan itu, karena ayahmu, kamu jadi begini Randalph!! Apalagi matamu, aku tidak suka melihatnya, karena mengingatkanku pada ayahmu!!. Lebih baik aku tidak melihat mata itu untuk selamanya!!!”

Ibu lalu menusuk mataku yang sebelah kiri dengan pisau itu. Rasanya sakit sekali.Aku memegang mata yang ditusuk. Darah terus mengucur keluar. Lalu, kulihat, ibu hendak menusuk mataku yang sebelah kanan. Tapi, waktu itu, tetangga di sebelah rumah yang mendengar keributan di rumahku, datang, dan menghentikan ibuku Aku sendiri pingsan, dan tidak ingat apa-apa lagi.

Ketika sadar, aku sudah ada di rumah sakit. Mereka bilang aku tidak sadarkan diri selama seminggu. Mata sebelah kiriku sudah dibalut. Dan dokter mengatakan bahwa mata kiriku buta permanen. Aku menanyakan ibuku. Tapi jawaban dokter sangat mengejutkan.

Ibuku meninggal. Waktu aku dibawa ke rumah sakit, ibuku mengamuk. Untuk menenangkannya, dokter menyuntikkan obat penenang. Untuk sementara dia bisa tenang. Lalu setelah itu, entah apa yang dilakukan ibu selama dua hari. Kata tetanggaku, dia mengurung diri di kamarnya. Lalu,esok harinya ibu ditemukan tewas.

Mulanya mereka mengira ibu bunuh diri dengan menusuk jantungnya. Tapi, di sekitar ibu terdapat bulu hitam, seperti bulu sayap Vampir…”

“Vampir? Ibumu dibunuh Vampir?”

“Entahlah. Sebenarnya, malam sebelum ibu dibunuh, tetanggaku mendengar pertengkaran di kamar ibu, waktu itu ibu meneriakkan, “Tidak bisa!! Apapun yang terjadi, Randalph adalah anakku. Tidak akan kuserahkan kepada kalian!!” Lalu setelah itu, senyap, dan keesokan harinya, yah seperti yang sudah kuceritakan sebelumnya.

Dokter lalu menyerahkan sebuah surat kepadaku. Katanya, itu adalah wasiat dari ibuku. Lalu, aku segera membacanya, di surat itu ibu menceritakan alasan kenapa selama ini ibu selalu menyiksaku. Tapi, aku tidak bisa menceritakannya padamu, itu rahasia antara aku dan ibuku.”

“Tidak apa-apa, teruskan saja…”

Randalph menghela nafas panjang. Kelihatan sekali bahwa dia merasa berat untuk menceritakan masa lalunya.

“Baiklah, setelah membaca surat ibu, aku menangis sejadi-jadinya. Aku tahu, semua yang dilakukan ibu adalah, karena dia sangat menyayangiku. Selain surat , dia juga meninggalkan sebuah kalung, yang sampai saat ini terus kupakai.

Setelah itu, ketika aku masih dirawat di rumah sakit, ada seseorang yang datang menjengukku. Aku sama sekali tidak kenal dia, tapi orangnya baik sekali. Dia bilang, dia yang akan mengasuhku setelah aku keluar dari rumah sakit. Akhirnya, setelah aku keluar dari rumah sakit, aku tinggal dirumahnya, masih tetap di Corvus.

Aku tinggal dengannya selama 4 tahun. Dari dia juga, aku mempelajari cara mengendalikan benang. Dia rupanya tahu kalau aku sanggup mengendalikan benang dengan sihir, sehingga dia mengajarkan semua ilmunya padaku. Baru, pada saat itu aku tahu siapa dia.”

“Maaf kalau aku memotong ceritamu, tapi aku pernah dengar bahwa, di Corvus, ada orang yang juga sanggup mengendalikan benang sama sepertimu. Kalau tidak salah, julukannya adalah, Heart of String”.

“Ya, betul. Dia adalah guruku. Nama aslinya sebenarnya adalah Matthew O’Donnell. Aku biasa memanggilnya Matt. Selama 4 tahun aku berguru padanya. Kacamata lensa satu ini juga pemberiannya. Setelah aku menguasai seluruh ilmunya, Matt menyuruhku pergi. Katanya, tidak baik menimba ilmu hanya dari satu orang, carilah pengalaman di luar. Waktu itu, umurku 16 tahun.

Aku tak pernah tahu kalau Matt akan meninggalkanku selama-lamanya. Tiga bulan setelah aku keluar dari rumah Matt, aku kembali untuk menengoknya, karena tanpa sengaja, aku melihat “masa depannya”. Di masa depan itu, aku melihat Matt tewas terbunuh.Dugaanku benar, sesampainya di sana, di depan rumah Matt telah berkumpul banyak orang. Kata mereka, malam sebelumnya, Matt terlibat pertengkaran dengan seseorang.

Aku lalu masuk ke kamarnya, dan ketika melihat mayatnya, aku teringat ibuku. Ibuku meninggal dengan cara yang sama. Aku lalu menyimpulkan, bahwa yang menyebabkan tewasnya ibuku dan Matt adalah orang yang sama. Lalu, dengan benang besi peninggalan Matt, aku mengikuti ujian VH dan sebulan sesudahnya, aku menjadi VH.

Alasanku menjadi VH adalah, aku ingin tahu siapa yang telah membunuh ibuku dan Matt, lalu, aku juga ingin tahu siapa ayahku dan alasan kenapa dia meninggalkanku.”

“Kalau begitu, kenapa kau malah mengajakku menjadi partnermu, Randalph? Kau ‘kan bisa mengajak orang lain?”

“Hmm, waktu masih menjadi VH di Corvus, aku mendengar tentangmu. Waktu itu, entah kenapa, aku merasa, kalau aku bertemu denganmu, aku bisa mendapatkan petunjuk. Terus terang, waktu pertama kali melihatmu, aku merasa kita orang yang sama. Kita berdua sama-sama dikuasai oleh dendam. Kalau kau dendam pada pembunuh orangtuamu, aku justru dendam pada ayahku.

Kau pasti bertanya kenapa aku harus dendam padanya, tentu saja karena dia telah meninggalkan aku dan ibuku, dan tega membuat ibuku menderita Kalau aku yang menderita, itu tidak apa-apa, tapi aku benci padanya karena dia juga mewariskan kekuatan aneh kepadaku. Aku bersumpah, suatu saat nanti, kalau aku bertemu dengannya, aku akan membunuhnya saat itu juga!”

Sambil mengatakan hal itu, tiba-tiba raut wajah Randalph berubah. Tatapan matanya berubah menjadi mengerikan, ketika dia membicarakan ayahnya. Hatiku sampai bergetar melihat tatapan mata Randalph yang penuh dengan kebencian. Sosok yang tak pernah kutemui dari diri Randalph yang selalu ceria itu.

“Aaah, aku jadi terlalu banyak bicara. Maaf, ya, kau pasti capek mendengar ceritaku ini!!”

Raut wajah dan tatapan matanya berubah lagi. Dia sudah berubah menjadi Randalph yang seperti biasanya. Walau, sejujurnya, aku sempat takut melihat tatapan matanya tadi.

“Randalph, apa kau tak merasa terganggu dengan matamu yang hanya satu itu, kenapa harus memakai kacamata, kenapa bukan penutup mata?”

“Gimana ya ngomongnya. Mmm, alasannya sih…, kalau penutup mata nanti kelihatan seperti bajak laut, he… he..he..” jawab Randalph dengan ceria.

Aku hanya bengong. Seharusnya aku tidak menanyakan hal itu padanya. Dia selalu ceria dan tanpa beban. Walaupun berat, dia sangat tegar dalam menjalani hidupnya. Kenapa dia bisa sekuat itu?

“Ngg…boleh tanya lagi?”

“Apa? Silakan tanya apa saja tentang Randalph. Aku pasti akan menjawabnya dengan senang hati”.

“Sejak kapan kau bisa melihat masa lalu dan masa depan?”

“Mmm, kapan ya, tepatnya? Kalau tidak salah sejak mataku ditusuk ibu , sejak saat itu aku bisa melihat masa lalu dan masa depan seseorang. Kalau masa lalu, yang pertama kali kulihat adalah entah masa lalu siapa, karena banyak sekali yang aku lihat. Sedangkan, waktu melihat masa depan, yang pertama kali kulihat adalah masa depan Matt. Yah, kalau dipikir-pikir, kemampuanku ini unik. Aku bisa melihat masa lalu seseorang kapan saja, tapi kalau masa depan, hanya kadang-kadang saja. ”

“Itu bagus kan?! Setidaknya, kalau kamu tidak tahu masa depan, kamu tidak perlu menderita. Dan, apapun yang terjadi di masa depan orang yang kamu lihat, tidak ada hubungannya dengan kita. Masa depan yang seperti apapun tidak akan bisa diubah,”

“Walaupun begitu, masih ada kemungkinan untuk diubah,kan?” tanya Randalph santai.

Aku terkejut mendengar ucapannya.

“Apa yang mau kamu lakukan, apa kamu ingin mengubah masa depan dari orang yang kamu lihat. I..itu melawan takdir! Apa kamu tidak tahu dengan mengubah masa depan dari orang itu, bukannya kamu yang akan susah. Karena kamu akan dianggap sebagai orang yang aneh, dan bahkan juga iblis, karena kamu bisa “melihat” ! ”

Ah..apa yang kukatakan? Tiba-tiba saja aku jadi emosi seperti ini. Aku tahu kemampuan Randalph hampir sama seperti aku. Kami punya kemampuan langka yang tidak dimiliki manusia. Dan, dan juga karena itu kami harus kehilangan banyak hal.Tapi, kulihat Randalph hanya tersenyum. Yah, tersenyum. Kenapa? Kenapa kamu bisa tersenyum seperti itu? Kenapa? Apa kamu tidak tertekan? Aku sama sekali tidak mengerti .

“Clay, kamu tahu tidak ungkapan seperti ini, ‘Que Sera Sera Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que Sera Sera What will be, will be’. Bagaimana menurutmu ungkapan ini? Ini sebenarnya penggalan dari sebuah  lagu lama.  Waktu aku tinggal dengan Matt, dia sering menyanyikan lagu ini. Katanya banyak hal menarik yang bisa dipetik dari lagu ini”.

“Itu sudah jelas, kan!”, kataku, ”bukannya lagu itu menandakan bahwa apa yang terjadi memang sudah seharusnya terjadi. Kita, sebagai manusia tidak bisa mengubah apa yang sudah ditakdirkan!”

“Tapi, bukan berarti tidak bisa diubah! Yang namanya takdir itu memang sudah seharusnya terjadi, tapi apakah itu akan terjadi 100% benar kita juga tidak tahu. Yang bisa kita lakukan adalah berusaha. Mungkin benar kata-katamu apa hak kita untuk mengubah masa depan orang yang tidak sengaja kita lihat. Kalaupun ada kemungkinan, itu hanya sekitar 10% bahkan mendekati nol. Tapi, walau cuma 10 %, bukan  berarti tidak ada harapan untuk mengubah masa depan!

Lagipula aku sudah berjanji pada Matt dan diriku sendiri, selama masa depan masih bisa diubah, aku akan terus berusaha. Apapun akan kulakukan, walaupun aku harus menentang takdirku sendiri”.

“Kenapa? Kenapa kamu bisa berbicara seenteng itu seolah tanpa beban. Kenapa kamu tegar sekali? Padahal masa lalumu jauh lebih berat dari masa laluku, kenapa kamu masih bisa tersenyum?”tanyaku.

Tubuhku entah kenapa tiba-tiba gemetar. Padahal malam itu tidak dingin sama sekali.

“Karena aku selalu berpikiran positif. Aku pikir kamu juga harus berpikiran seperti itu, Clay.”

“Berpikiran positif katamu?! Kamu pikir aku ini anak kecil yang memandang dunia ini dengan begitu naifnya? Aku tidak sama seperti kamu yang polos, Randalph! Aku dan kamu sudah berbeda, dan kamu menyarankan aku untuk berpikiran positif? Saran macam apa itu? Apa kamu mau membodohiku ?!!”


“Kamu tahu apa perasaaanku? Kamu tidak tahu bagaimana sakitnya hati ini ketika melihat orangtuaku dibunuh didepan mataku sendiri. Lalu, aku harus mengatasi kerasnya kehidupan di Balkhas, bertemu dengan LaMu, mengadakan perjanjian dengannya, sekaligus menjadikanku seorang pembunuh. Kamu tahu, ketika aku menyadari kekuatanku untuk membaca isi hati orang, dan hal itu sangat menyakitkan, karena aku mendengar apa yang seharusnya tidak boleh didengar. Lalu berulang kali aku dikhianati oleh orang yang mulanya kuanggap “teman” . Dan, mereka meninggalkanku begitu saja, Kamu tahu apa?!”

Untuk sesaat, kami berdua terdiam. Aku bersyukur, tidak ada orang di taman itu. Jadi mereka tidak perlu mendengarku teriak-teriak.



“Mungkin hanya ini yang bisa kukatakan, tapi, sejujurnya perasaanku juga sama sepertimu. Kita berdua sama-sama menderita.Memang, masa lalu kita berdua sangat menyedihkan. Walaupun aku ingin melupakannya, tapi tetap tidak bisa. Semakin ingin dilupakan, semakin membekas di ingatanku. Tapi, aku tidak mau terikat oleh masa laluku. Sebaliknya aku selalu berusaha untuk berpikiran lurus ke depan. Berusaha untuk hari ini dan hari esok”.


“Kalau kamu bilang aku tidak tahu perasaanmu memang benar. Dan saat ini aku sedang berusaha untuk memahami perasaanmu. Clay, kalau boleh aku katakan, didunia tidak ada seorangpun yang tidak merasakan kesedihan dihatinya. Aku juga sama. Waktu pertama kali bertemu Matt, aku juga emosi kepadanya, karena menganggap dia tidak tahu perasaanku.

Tapi, waktu itu dia bilang, sebenarnya akulah yang tidak tahu perasaanku sendiri. Aku sangat sedih, tapi tidak mau menunjukkan kesedihanku di depan orang lain. Sok tegar, begitu katanya. Aku marah sekali waktu itu. Kuhajar dia, tapi dia sama sekali tidak menghindar. Matt mengatakan kepadaku, pukul aku sampai hatimu merasa puas. Tapi, aku tidak memukulnya, aku hanya diam lalu tanpa sadar air mataku menetes…”

Tes! Tes!

A..apa ini? Air mata? A..Aku menangis? Tanpa kusadari, tiba-tiba saja air mataku keluar. Uhh, aku harus menghapusnya. Aku tidak mau kelihatan seperti ini di depan Randalph. Tapi, Randalph mencegahku.

“Jangan! Jangan dihapus, Clay! Air mata ini menunjukkan kalau kamu pun juga sedih. Tapi kamu menahannya, berusaha untuk menahannya. Kamu tidak ingin orang lain tahu kamu menderita. Kamu sangat tegar. Tapi, setegar - tegarnya orang, suatu saat dia pasti akan menangis juga.”

Air mataku mengalir semakin deras. A..aku sudah tidak kuat lagi, benar apa kata Randalph. Selama ini aku selalu menahan kesedihanku. Tapi, sebenarnya, aku hanya ingin ada seseorang yang mau mendengarkan kata hatiku. Lalu, Randalph menepuk-tepuk pundakku.

“Tidak apa-apa. Menangislah sepuasnya. Hari ini kamu bebas mengeluarkan air matamu sebanyak-banyaknya. Tidak usah malu. Disini nggak ada siapa-siapa. Cuma ada aku. Jadi, tidak usah malu, ya!” kata Randalph sambil tersenyum.

Aku hanya bisa menangis. Malam itu benar-benar dingin, sehingga membuat kulitku terasa perih. Seperih hatiku.


Perasaan yang tak pernah kurasakan…

Tapi,kini kehangatan itu menjalar ke hatiku...

Dan bulan bersinar dengan terang...

Seolah menyinari hatiku yang selama ini kelabu...


Tinggal 1 part lagi sampai part terakhir cerita ini :). Silakan jika ada komentar, saran atau kritik, jangan sungkan untuk menuliskannya di kolom komentar. Terimakasih karena sudah membaca cerita saya :D.