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Never Walk Alone : Chapter 3

Welcome for Chapter 3 of Never Walk Alone. Silakan membaca chapter 1 dan juga chapter 2  terlebih dahulu, karena cerita di chapter 3 ini adalah kelanjutan dari cerita di chapter 1 dan chapter 2 :). Sama seperti chapter 1 & 2 , keseluruhan cerita ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Jika menemukan kesalahan gramatikal ataupun struktural, silakan email saya di sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com.

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~ Balkhas, 3011 A.D, 3 years later~

Balkhas, Humavalea's capital city.

The only place where human dare to hope for living and the fortress that built to defend us from the attacks of Varua kingdom. Or the vampires. Dirty and disgusting creatures, oh yes, they are. An abomination.

Balkhas, also known as Vampire Hunters City, the city where vampire hunters gathers and training. That's because there are so many vampire-hunting organization based in Balkhas. And since Balkhas is the main fortress, so many vampire attack had aimed there.

Here I am, Alexandre Evinrude -call me Alex- wandering among the candidates for Vampire Hunters. I am the youngest, barely fifteen years old. And also the most pretty guy. I realize, though I'm a guy, my face like a girl. Lots of men like tease me, and some even ask for any date. Give me a break. Did they think I am.... gay? I am normal. And still love girls. But I just don't have time to dating any. Much less flirting.

Can't blame them, though. With my blond hair that fall pass my shoulder, people often mistakenly thought I am a female. Add it with my unusual color eyes. Purple stones like amethyst, that make me look like a vampire, even though my skin is not so pale as they are. It's hard to hate the color of my own, which I inherited from my mother. My deceased mother.

Three years have passed since the nightmare in Peansville. Three years since I saw my father murdered in front of me, and my mother committed suicide. For something that until now I never understand. I can only remember it vaguely, to be honest. Time after I left Peansville is the worst for me. Twelve-year-olds traveling alone and carry big suitcase, go to Balkhas within 5000 kilometress away is an act of madness. Even for adult, though. Because Balkhas is the most dangerous cities in the world.

Border fortifications between Humavalea and Varua, Balkhas constantly on the alert. Vampire attack that increase continually make the founders of Humavalea Vampire Hunters Organization set up their base here. And as I mentioned earlier, that's where the nickname Vampire Hunters City come .

Difficult journey, yeah. But I finally make it here. I don't really remember the details of my trip. All I remember is the nightmare that so many times try to haunt me. Head separated from my father's body, rolling, and look at me with blank stares. Father's sword Claymore, pierced through my mother's heart. Someone shout something I don't remember. Gregory. And then the hidden face of that mysterious creatures.

Blood. Always a lot of blood all around me.

As if mocking me, invited me to taste them.
Sweet, oh somehow it smells so sweet. So much like a cotton candy, rather than make me gag, I want to taste it. A forbidden taste.

I shake my head. Each time the nightmare comes, I'm always screaming hysterically. At one point, the inn where I stay was interrupted by screams, and kicked me out of the inn. I had spent the night in the streets.

I'll bet people are curious how I can survive until I come to Balkhas. At the hospital, my father's attorney came, and tell my parents's will. They left a legacy of very, very much money. I was surprised to see the numbers, because so far we just live...with less money.

I think they already know sooner or later they will die.

The attorney also said one of my father's will is to inherit our house to me. I shake my head and tell him to sell the house. He said it would be difficult to sell it, after an unpleasant incident, but I insist. He surrender and promised me to find potential buyers.  A week before I left the hospital, he came and told the house was sold. Although there are rumors, that the house is haunted. I grunted, but trying to ignore it. He ask me if I want to meet with the buyer, and I said I don't care. Just transfer the money. I then tell him to open two bank accounts for me. One in Balkhas, and one in Mardalsfossen. Because I'm planning to go there later. He was amazed to see me, see a crazy little boy planning a trip. Once again I don't care. I'm just a kid, but I'm not stupid. After all the affairs settled, then I leave and headed to Balkhas.

I arrived at Balkhas two weeks after leaving Peansville. Too long, usually it took just 3-4 days with train. But it is difficult for twelve years old boy to travel safe and comfortable, especially if he was alone. I must save my money too. So, I always change my transpotation method. Closer to Balkhas, things were getting tense. The defense really tight, Balkhas do not want to missed any chance of vampire attacks.

One or two vampires are common. The problem, vampires are very cunning and coward. They always attack in groups. One group usually have a minimum of 4-5 people. And at least 8 Vampire Hunters need to kill them. 2 Vampire hunters against a vampire. Only an experienced vampire hunter who could fight one on one with them. And "experienced" it takes about 8-10 years, while the number of vampire hunter had fallen sharply.

Vampire also has uncommonly attack that do only by individuals who are called "vampire rebels". Chances are they are deserters or fugitives from the Varua kingdom. No wonder. I hear lives in Varua like hell without end. And they tried to sow terror in the hell they keep - the canal of Humavalea attack.

Arriving in Balkhas, I rushed to the main base of Vampire Hunter. Not an easy thing, again, given my condition. Ragged, unkempt, alone. At first, they turned me down, they thought I was a vampire at first. Thanks for the color of my eyes, anyway. But they begin to doubt when I say, "I am Laurent Evinrude's son."

"Laurent has no son." Said one of them.

"You are liar!"

"I never remember Laurent had a son, or a family. What we know is he resigned and went from Balkhas, thirteen years ago. "

"Thirteen years ago?" I asked him.

"Yes, after he was assigned with an important mission to Varua. Laurent is one of our valuable assets. He is one of the experienced vampire hunter. Who could attack a vampire one on one. We really miss him, when he resigned. Just as he would be appointed to be High Oracle. Well, that's the past, "said the man who greeted me with a wave of his hand, as if he did not care anymore, " Now we go to the important matter. I know Laurent didn't have children. And you could not be his child, though I admit you like him when he was young. Your eyes is ... very strange. "

I winced, but not give up.

"Well, my father resigned, because he met with my mother. He didn't want to endanger her, so he left. Then they go to Peansville, and a year later I was born. " It just a story I made up. I'm not mention that Father met Mother at Varua.

They laughed. I said nothing, and then removing a piece of paper. Paper that shows I'm my father's child.

"Look at this if you not believe me," I said, handing him the paper.

They received the paper, then read it. And look at me with a frown. One of them then said, "sorry son, if I doubted you. You're really Laurent's son. We never think he will married. Well, first he was renowned as a lady killer..., " that man laughed hoarsely," there is no wife or children in his mind. What he had is just how to killing vampire everyday, as much as possible. "

"Tell me son," one of them, his head is bald and his ears are filled with silver studs. "What happen to Laurent? Why are you here rather than live with your father? Peansville is the safest city in Humavalea. "

I swallow hard. I begin to speak, but the shadow of the head that separated from my father's body keep haunting my mind.

His head rolling, splattering blood. Blood, always blood.

"My ... father, he died at the hands of a vampire."

They hold their breath. The bald guy who asked me looked at me sharply.

"Then why did you survive, boy? I think they killed your mother? Did they rape her? "

I choked. No, I never think about that possibilty. I thank Gregory to not rape my mother, although he admitted that mother was once his fiance. But still, what happen to my mother make me barely hold back the tears that started to burn my eyes.

"N .. no. She... suicide. "

They hold their breath again. The bald man asked again, "Committed suicide? She leave you alone? "

"I.. yes. "

"Poor boy. And you're safe from them? "

"Not really, one of them piercing my chest."

"What happen?"

"I'm not sure. I ... can't remember. One second, one of them stabbed me. Then I heard shouts, they screams in pain. And I realized that from the vampire who stabbed me. "

I lied. Well, bad habits die hard. Only a few, of course, but I didn't say about the mysterious creature that says "Claire's blood" and save me. The vampires are after me because they target the creature. I can't guess what would happen if they know the existence of strange creatures.

"And after that?"

"My neighbor found me and they took me to the hospital. I recovered and go here. "I said simply.

The bald man remained silent, and look at me. As if to seek the truth that I hide from this meetings. I stare back. Trying to figure out what he will do after this.

Then the bald man sigh, "In the document, it said your name is Alexandre."

"Yeah, my full name is Alexandre. You can call me Alex. "

"Alex, my name is Vincent. Two people behind me are Theodore and Stefan. We are Laurent's best friends and comrades. He is our role model, and this time we really mourn the loss of one of our companions . "

I keep staring at the bald man that named Vincent. I saw sadness in his pure and unspeakable regret. He close his eyes, his face like a man in pain, showing a deep sadness for the loss of someone precious for him. I look behind him, toward Theodore and Stefan. Stefan not show any expression of grief, but Theodore was crying. Seemed to upset to hear about my father's death, like Vincent too.

Vincent then walked up to me and knelt down. He hold my shoulders, and said "Alex, I don't know what you've experienced in your journey to Balkhas. Balkhas is a hard city, and not easy to come here, especially for small children like you. "

"Well," I shrugged my shoulders "I have a guardian angel, and my luck is so great."

Vincent smile a little, though I could see his eyes are glazed, like a glass, "a smooth talker like Laurent. You're really like your father. Unless ... "

"I know. My eyes. "

"Did your mother ..."

I shook my head. "No, my mother's is human." Or that's what I know, before I knew she was from Varua, and was engaged to a vampire. That psycho vampire Gregory. But I've never seen she sucking blood. Or maybe I never know.

I shuddered. What is mother hide from myself? Mother can't be a vampire, because she can be free to go in the daylight. Her skin color is a healthy pink, not pale. Silver and gold also doesn't weaken her. Except for the unusual color of her eyes. Since there are no ordinary people who have eye colors like amethyst. But, on that terrible night, I realized, she can be more than that I think over the years.


Vincent words hit me. "I.. yes? "

"Why are you here?"

"I told you, my father want me to come here."

"And he should know that Balkhas unsafe. What does he want from you? "

"I.. I ..., " I don't know, or I don't remember what my father exactly said at that time," he just told me to stay alive. "

Vincent look at me, he looks like he think about something .Theodore still sobbing, while Stefan finally said, "you want to be a vampire hunter, Alex?"

I looked up and look to Stefan, "Vampire hunter, Sir?"

"He is still twelve years old, Stefan. You know the rules. For becoming a vampire hunter, the minimum age is 15 years." Vincent interrupt him.

"He can stay for awhile here. I think Laurent also want it, Vincent. Balkhas is not safe, but he's safe here rather than roaming the streets. "

Vincent look at me again, and squeeze my shoulder, "are you sure, Alex?"

I nodded. "Yes, that's what my father want."

"Well, you're going to stay here for a while. While waiting until fifteen years old, you can spend your time taking care of this base. "

"I'll do anything."

Vincent smile. He stand up and grab my hand. Stefan step forward and took my suitcase. We walk to the door of the castle, and Theodore welcome me, wiping his nose with a handkerchief.

"I'm sorry, son. I was shocked to hear about Laurent's death. He was a friend of mine when we were young. Me, Vincent, that quiet Stefan and Laurent was once brothers in arms. "

"Partners in crime, if you can call. And we also compete when it come to wooing and seduce women, "said Stefan with a small smile.

"Well, well. That son of a bitch,Laurent, oh sorry for my rude words, boy! He  always lucky. Woman flying around him like bees drawn to honey. Honey that is forbidden, of course. I think your mother, Marie, was very beautiful? " ask Theodore.

"Yes, sir Theodore. No one is more beautiful than her. "

"Ah call me Theo. Or Oracle Theo. The three of us, and Laurent was once the Oracle. "

"Okay, Theo, umm, Oracle Theo."

Theodore smile, and shake my hand. He then walk over to my right, while Vincent remain with his left hand on my shoulder. Stefan walk behind us, carrying my suitcase.

"I hope you feel like at home, when staying here, Alex. From now, Balkhas is yours." said Vincent.

We walk down the aisle fort. Vincent then go to the room that he prepare for me. Meanwhile, the last words from Vincent keep ringing in my mind.


There is no home for me. Wherever it is.