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Never Walk Alone : Chapter 1

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Never Walk Alone, adalah novel yang saya ikutkan untuk NaNoWriMo di tahun 2011, dimana saya pertama kalinya join NaNoWriMo. Karena pada bulan saat saya nulis cerita ini, yaitu November 2011, saya diterima kerja, jadi berhenti di tengah jalan deh :') . Saya belum tahu kapan mau ngelanjutin lagi, semoga saja ada waktu. Karena di NaNoWriMo tahun ini, saya menulis cerita yang bener - bener baru.

Never Walk Alone adalah versi yang lebih baru dan lebih matang secara tulisan (yah menurut saya :P) dari When You Smile. Ada penambahan karakter dan perkembangan cerita. Untuk versi yang saya posting ini, saya memposting edisi bahasa Inggrisnya, yang saya terjemahkan sendiri. Berhubung bahasa Inggris bukan bahasa native saya, kalau ada nemu kesalahan grammar dan structure, bisa kirim email ke saya di sawamura_foxman at yahoo dot com 

Selamat membaca :D


~ Mardalsfossen, 3025 AD ~

"Dad, I want those chocolate ice cream!"

A shout from some little boy make me awake. I glance to the clock beside my bed. Still 5 a.m. I see if the chick I met last night still sleep beside me.

She's not there.

Good. Maybe she hang up with Roderick, our Fire Master. I'm not bothered by that fact. Not that I'm terrible lover or something that snore in my bed. But I prefer to wake alone.

The morning's weather was cool enough to freeze me out. Slowly, I step out from my bed and walk into the window. I open it and breathe, the air is so fresh even I'm still feel cold. Been 6 months since Randalph leave Mardalsfossen and go to Alcarta. He had a plan, someone to meet, something to do. It's Randalph to you. He come and go as he please.

I see to the outside. Well, that little boy voice is loud enough to wake dead people. He can't stop whining to his parents. Why they still not buy him ice cream? Feel annoyed, I start to shout to him to just shut up, when I see them. And stun when look their happy faces.

Family ...

It's been seventeen years, when my life change. And suddenly I remember all the events in my past. Seventeen years ago, when I am not familiar with the hardest part of this world.

Seventeen years ago, when my deepest nightmare began ...


~ Peanville, 3008 AD, 17 years ago ~

My name is Alexandre Claire Evinrude. People often look at me confusely or wondering why my middle name sound like a girl name. I think that's my mother's fault, Marie Evinrude. At the beginning of her pregnancy, she is so eager to had baby girl and want to named her Claire. Imagine when the baby is a boy, a.k.a me. But my father, Laurent Evinrude, bless him, sometimes he had a brilliant idea. Claire's name continue to be used, but as a middle name. He then naming me Alexandre, which its meaning in French was, "defender of the humankind".

Few days more, I'll turn twelve years old. Still a child, that what my father said. Not yet a teenager, he added. My mother just smile, and she will stroke my hair. She always say, "Alex, you really like your father. A handsome face, aquiline nose, a lips that always whining to get what you want, "she said with a laugh.

"But my eye color comes from you," I replied.

"Ah, yes. yours are like mine, like amethyst stone, "said her.

"Like those blood-sucking leechs," I muttered.

They suddenly become quiet, then just look at me sadly. I feel awkward after say that.

"Yes, like a vampire", says my father.

"I hate my eyes! My friends in school always make fun of me. And they also mock you, Mother! "

"Did they hurt you, Alex?" asked my mother. She sounded worried.

"Nothing. Yes, sometimes they  locked me in the bathroom. But, I always make it out. I'm smarter than them, "I replied, proudly.

Father and mother look at each other, then they laugh. Well, I do not want to make them afraid, a little lie  sometimes is necessary. My friends  not only locked me in the bathroom,  sometimes they beat me. I used to hide the wounds from my parents. Yeah, a little lie will not hurt anyone.

"If they start to bullying you and cross the line, you can complain to the teachers, Alex," said my father, stop my inner mind dialogue.

"Father, I'm not weak. But, okay, I'll do it. " Once again, I like to appraise myself in front of my parents.

He smile once more. He look pleased with his one and only boy. Sometimes I feel very lonely staying at home. Evinrude family's mansion is magnificient but gloomy. Sometimes I talk to my parents (or rather whine), to move from Peanville then go to Mardalsfossen.

But my mother always refuse. "Mardalsfossen not safe," she replied.

"Mardalsfossen is a great city, and have lots of great toys!" I wailed. Hey, I'm a boy - a usual kind of boy who is also fond of toys.

"Peansville is safer. There are no vampires here. "

"Mardalsfossen too. Well, I hear there are vampires wandering at the city, but just a few of them. Unlike at Balkhas, Mother! "

"When I said not, it is not, Alex", Mother said gently. "Do you not feel like at home when staying in Peansville?"

I was speechless and only nod. Well, what a twelve-year olds boy can do? I have to stay in Peansville that so grim and gloomy, and face any bullying act from my friends at school.

The same day start over and over again without stopping.

But somehow, today, my father and mother being weird. Not like usual,I thought. Mother who is usually cheerful, now become quiet and more quiet. She stroke my hair for times. My father that always joke with me, become grim and also quiet. Well they are still play and talk with me, but after that they fell silent again. As if...thinking of something.

I become panic. What's wrong with them? Are they mad at me? Are they somehow knew I was hiding the fact that I used to be bullied at school?

My questions is answered that night. Ten o'clock at night, it should be 12 years old boy as me to already asleep. But my father told me not to sleep. I start to panic again. Darn, I thought. They know!

I'm trying to think positively. Maybe they will not punish me even though I'd lied to them. Maybe they will grant my wish to move to Mardalsfossen. Yeah, goodbye grim and gloomy Peansville. And I can go freely to Mardalsfossen, meet new people. Although in my little heart, I'm a little scared, what would they think if they see this eyes.

But my father still silent. So quiet, not speaking a word. Mom also just lower her face and weep. I hate to see she crying. Hey, I tell you one more, I'm. A. Boy ! If there is a girl or woman crying, I can not bear to see it. Not that I consider them weak. I just want to protect them,'kay? But, here I am, just stand and see her cry.

Mother cries grew louder and my father's face looked more grim. My fear grew. Even though still a child , I know, this is more than just some lies that was discovered. It's larger than "my friend are bullying me" problems

"Alex .." said my father.

"Y.. Yes?"

"We want to say something".

"What is it, Father?" I hope is not about the lies.

I'm confused. I see my father loss for words to speak. While my mother still crying. Then she saw me. Purple eyes like a amethys stone, shine like a rare jewel it is. Beautiful even she's crying. Her face was flushed, but she tried to smile. As if trying to convince me, that whatever my father said, everything will be fine... just fine.

My father sighed for a moment, then said, "Alex ... from now  ... you must live alone. Without us. "

Huh? I'm getting confused. Live... alone? What does he mean? Why suddenly my father talk like that? I just twelve years old, for God's sake! I know that I'm not a kid anymore. But give me a break? Twelve years old and your parents tell you to live alone? Huh! Their speech is a beautiful gift for my birthday, which is feel lame for me.

"Father, you just kidding right? You are not really serious with your words,right? "

But, I see his expression,  grim and serious. So, he is not joking. I then turn to my mother.

"Mother! Father just kidding right? You two just kidding, right? You don't really want me to live alone!!"

Mother still silent, then she hug me, sobbing. I hug her back, still feel confused

"Alex, forgive us, forgive us," she repeat that words, and still sobbing.

I'm getting more confused, why suddenly they said something like this . Why must this day? The day I celebrate my twelve years birthday?

I am not realize that tonight was my last night with my family, and the last time we can be together. My brain as a small child can not understand the concept of life itself in a very young age. What is actually my parents hide, until they decide I should live alone? Do I have to part with them ... forever? No, I do not want to! They are the only family I have. All I know both, my parents are orphanage and although they have a cousin or distant relative, they never say it.

That question continues to repeat itself, again and again in my mind. Why must this day they say I must live alone? And, where do I go?

Meanwhile, the wind outside the window grow louder and a sound of roaring suddenly appear. It's so terrible, I feel cold. Father look strained, my mother stopped crying, but she still hug me. I am silent too. I feel something bad is going to my home. Something evil that make my father and mother suddenly tell me to live alone.

A second later, all the windows in my house broken. I feel the wind blow very hard and the chill of night pierce my face. Electricity in my house off, but thankfully there is still a glimmer of light from the outside coming into the house. So I can still see where my father and my mother is. We just fell quiet, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for something that threatens our safety.

Then, the figures that I am not recognize enter into our house.

They maybe, are the most horrible and cruel but also the most beautiful creatures I have ever known. They have same face with the people in the Humavalea. Only theirs are pale, protruding canine teeth when they're grinning, some invisible wings like bat, and a black cloak. I know, it's cliche, but I feel like a mouse in on front of snake. I can't move and can't stop see them.

And then, those purple eyes that like an amethyst stone. A monster who had for many years become human enemy at Humavalea.

Varuala they name themself. Vampire we named them, the creature we know only living in legend, but they do exist. Live in the kingdom Varua, the place that only screams can be hear from our world.

"We want to take the boy," said one of them with a hoarse voice as he pointed at me. While the rest stand around me and my parents. We are stuck, unable to escape. Can't ask for help. They are all show a very cruel expression on their face, one wrong move from us, it will have fatal consequences.

But my father suddenly came forward. As he stretch out his hands, he's going to protect us. That's my dad. The Evinrude family protector. The vampires are tall, but my father's height is above the average people. He is not afraid to see the vampires. His face is tense, and now looks full of anger.

My mother still holding me. She had stopped crying, and I am surprise to see her expression. Just as father, mother also looks angry. She hug me so tightly I can't breath and feel hurt. But Mother never move, she still hug me. Like don't want to let me go.

"No!", my father shout. "Until whenever, Alexandre will never we give to you all!"

The leader of the vampires pause, his eyes watching us coldly and calculating. He reply in a voice that make my father freeze. "The boy's there have a creature in his body that can destroy our nation. We have to kill him, in order for we to survived. I think you know about that, Laurent. "

I am surprise again. The vampire know my father's name! I see to my father, then to the vampire. He just smiled to see me. A smile that made me shudder. My father clench his teeth, listening to that vampire call his name.

"That's the business of you, the Varuala. Nothing to do with us,Humavalea's men! We live in Peansville, to avoid all the affairs between Varuala and Humavalea. Again, nothing to do with us. Alex is innocent, he don't know anything!"

"But you know, Laurent. You are the former vampire hunter. Huh, vampire. Just saying the word that you all human calling us is makes me sick. You're well known among the Varuala. Varua royal noble actually admire your ability as hunter. You're so smart, strong and also cunning. So clever until you can grab our most precious treasure. Is not that right, Marie? "

Mother gasp. She pause, then look at the vampire with anger.

"None of your business Gregory! I went from Varua, because I'm sure Laurent will make me safe! "

"But you're safer in our hands, Marie." answered the vampire, named Gregory, quietly. As if this is a tea banquet, and he don't intend to attack us.

I'am stun hear my mother's last words. She came from Varua?

"But she's not a vampire!" I exclaimed.

Gregory see me, his eyes show an interest.

"He never know, Laurent? Marie? He never know about the creature that inhabit his body. Creature that used to be the guardian of Marie, and now protect him. "

This is getting weird and weirder, the creature in my body make Gregory think it will threaten the vampire. Now he says the creature is my guardian. So, what am I?

"Mother ... I ... What am I?" I asked, looking at my mother.

My mother, with those beautiful purple eyes. Eyes that passed on to me, just look at me with sadness. "I'm sorry, Alex. You're still so young. Laurent and I realize that this day would come. That our life is not long enough after he took me away from Varua. That we should leave. "

"But, mother.You are come from Varua, it means mother ... you... father? My father knew that, so it means you are ... "

I can't continue. What my friends say at school always playing in my mind, that I was a vampire's child Because of this eyes. I shut them tightly. I can't think, I can't!

"No. Alex," said my father, "Your mother Marie was not part of the vampire. Your mother is more than that, and neither do you. "

"Laurent, Laurent, Laurent. That's what I admire about you. Intelligent, and full of secrets. I still wondering how you kidnap Marie, our treasure. "Gregory said, a tone of admiration in his voice, as well as sarcasm.

"None of your business, leech!" replied my father.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. And still so wild and rough. You realize Marie is my fiancee, and yet you took her. Laurent, you hurt my heart, and also make me angry. You both need to be punished. Your life is not enough. Marie's life too. Although I regret to say this, I love you Marie, really. But you chose this cockroach than me. So you also have to die with him, sweetheart. And I promise to treat your children like my own son. "Gregory kept smiling while looking at us. His men are standing in the back, all chuckled.

"You're crazy, Gregory. I and Marie may be die, but Alex is not mere thing you could recognize as yours. Alex will survive, just like Marie. Creature that inhabit his body will protect him and according to the propechy, will destroy you, the rotten leechs! "

"Laurent, my friend. With regret we do in fact, have to use violence, is not it? Andrew, Frances, Jean, you know what to do."

Gregory snapped his fingers, and instantly three of the vampires behind us moving forward at a pace that humans can not be detect.

The vampires attack my father. Mother hold me back, trying to protect me, while my father fight against the vampires. My father run into the nearest wall, and take the sword into the wall. And then  I know. It's not a decorative sword, the sword is real.

"Ah, Claymore. You still have it, I see. "Gregory sounded amazed, though I hear there is a little fear in his voice.

"Well, you know me, Gregory. It's not good to forget the past, "my father grin as he put his stance and wielding the sword, that called Claymore.

Three vampires under Gregory's command started to surround him. Father remain vigilant. His Claymore remain unsheathed. I was so amazed to see my father. He is like a warrior of the past, like a Templars knight that ready to kill his enemies in the battle, protect what he treasure the most. I hear Gregory call my father as the former vampire hunter. I never expect it. I always thought my father was an officer he used to be. It never dawned in my mind that he was once a warrior who defends the humans against the vampires.

"Father, don't lose! Fight, I want you to teach me how to swing a sword that make you always won! "I yelled.

"Shhh, Alex. Don't distract your father, "my mother said with a slight whisper.

My father never see me, he also never less his stance. But he said, "I'm sorry, Alex. If only I teach you to learning how to use sword from the first time. My fault to want Marie and me to raise you as a normal kid. "

"You will not lose!"

And still he continue to said, "Alex, listen to me. This is my last words from me. After this, I and your mother will not survive. But you can. Go as far as possible from here, and to Balkhas. Go to the main base of Vampire Hunter. Tell me you are my son, Laurent Evinrude. And whatever happens, fight. Fight, Alex! Stay alive for us, stay alive until you find someone that means to you, just as I find Marie. I love you Alex. Never, ever forget that. "

My father still not see me when he say that words. But I can see his back shudder. As if he know his time is no longer, that we will be forever separated.

I start to cry. But then I try to reply his, "I promise you, father. I promise I'll stay alive. I love you and mother too!. "

"It's really a touching farewell scene between father and son. Shakespeare will be so inspire to see you both and make a play from it. But, alas, my time is not so much. I'm sorry, Laurent, "Gregory said, still smiling.

I'm sick of seeing his smile!

Three of Gregory's vampires attacked my father. By instinct and experience as a vampire hunter, father go forward and wield his sword. His movements are so beautiful like a dancer.

Crashh! He manage to behead one of the vampire!

"Frances!" Hissed one of the vampire who attacked my father, then looked at him with deep hatred.

"One dies, two still standing." says my father.

The vampire attacked my father again. Try to avoid the vampire, my father roll back and draw his sword right through the vampire's heart.

"Two dead, one left." my father grin, and facing toward Gregory.

"It is the ability of your crew, Greg?"

"You know I really hate to call it, my friend Laurent. But Frances and Jean is a low level warrior. Let's see if you can beat Andreas. He is the son of the most talented and most powerful Varuala noble. "

My father put up his stance back, and this time he faces Andreas. Although I don't fight, I know the vampire named Andreas was dangerous. My father know it too. A cold sweat began to slick down on his face, and his hands began to tremble.

"Freeze. The ability to freeze the movement of the opponent. Amazing, Andreas, "said my father.

Andreas grinned, and then attack my father. To his surprise, my father break Andreas's spell, and strike back. They meet in the middle. Andreas, a vampire with sharp fingernails, rapid movement and almost invisible. Father with his claymore, but still able to fight Andreas.

Finally my father cast a final strike on Andreas, and cut his head. Andreas fall, but my father's breath sound weird. He's breathing so fast. Then I saw holding his stomach. Seems Andreas had cut my father and now he is wounded!


Father still not see me, as if I am not in the room. His eyes still look out to see Gregory. "You're not going to get Alex, Gregory."

Gregory with those sickening smile, again smile slyly and said, "I always get what I want, Laurent."

"Huh, nonsense ... ugh!"

I am stun. The event was happen very fast. Second before, my father still talking to Gregori, a second later red spot spread in his chest. Big red spot and smell metallic.


"Da ... mn."

"Yes, Laurent. You still remember Warren right? "

"War .. ren ...imposssible. I ... I ... "

"Kill him when you kidnapped Marie, isn't it? Warren was assigned to guard Marie. And you thought you had killed him, Laurent. But you don't know, that you just kill his shadow. "

"Shadow, eh? I was ... careless ... ugh! "my father look down and began to spit blood.


I start running toward my father, but my mother hold me back. Her tears flow like a rivers on her face. She look to my injured father, and whisper, "we will meet again after this, Laurent."

"Warren" said Gregori.

A shadowy figure appear out of nowhere and form silouette of a male. Pale as his colleagues, purple eyes that exude hatred that  now looking at my father.

A second later, my father turn to me. Finally he face me.

"Good-bye ... Alex," he said, smiling.

Before Warren blow the last strike and cut my father's head.

Catatan : Disini saya menggunakan A.D, yang merupakan singkatan dari After Destruction. Jadi tidak memakai sistem kalender Tahun Masehi :)

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